Not sure what's wrong with my ladies

Hi growing community,

I have 3 ladies, 2 are banana krumble and 1 is Mango Kush. They are all in there 6th week of veg. I fed them half dosage of greenhouse biogrow cos I only planned for a 5 weeks veg. A week ago I saw that my runoff pH was 7.2 - 7.4 even though the ladies were doing well I decided to flush them with a pH of 5.5 cos my ppm was around 16000ppm😑 so I panicked and flushed, but now the ladies look like this and I’m confused as what to do next as well as the cause of this?

I’m thinking if not pH of soil (nutrient lockout) is it maybe no nutrients in the soil due to the flush and low nutrients I began with? Yesterday I top dressed with bio bloom thinking the soil nutrients was used up???

Please help, don’t know the cause is and what to do next?

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Did you feed after you flushed?

I did feed them. But I used a non organic 3 part nutrient and the plant had biogrow (greenhouse feeding) which is organic, but I saw problems after that and now recently fed with the bio flower, I want to switch to flower but waiting for them to bounce back

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I think you did everything correctly then. It’s up to you when you want to flower.