Not Sure What's Wrong - any help is appreciated!

Again spider farmers are over priced… Don’t buy them you can do better buy kingbrites.
Ugh don’t buy mars hydro or spider farmer or anything off amazon, junk overpriced.

Kingbrite will sell you a 125w Samsung v2 288 301b+ 660nm that also produces 250 ulom/s
For 80$ and a bit of shipping… Or you can get a spider farmer for 160…for the same thing and the kingbrite is better quality.

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eBay or Amazon?

Shipping is pretty fast another member got like 4 of them or 6 of them recently only took a week.
I run two of them an one hlg.
Gonna buy another one when I swap my 2x4 for a 4x5

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I agree with the quality. I’ve seen You Tube growers using cheap Amazon quantum boards getting stellar results vs the high priced “name brands”… If you have the same thing under the hood but pay less $$… Thats a good thing :sunglasses::v:

Many fake qb’s are junk your taking a gamble on, they are better than burples and amazon but they are no where near name quality brands.
That being said kingbrite is a name quality brand just Google them.

The thing is they only sell grow lights as a small side gig off Alibaba. They are mostly focused on industry, think street lights etc.

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@Nicky I’m getting a bit overwhelmed when searching on alibaba – can you direct me to something? I only have the two plants and want something sufficient to grow them but I don’t need to be over the top.



Then look at their 125w models

Get 301b chips with 660nm reds. In 3500k option.

Get two of them, one for each plant.