Not sure what's happining

I have a grow ace 1000 watt double ended light about 5 feet up from my plants with a box fan on medium 2 feet off ground to keep some heat in the air from the plants. I have 5 super skunk. 4 big bud. 3 chocolope and 3 anmnesia haze. That’s 15 total that I have gotten up about 3 to4 inches from sprouting. They are 3 weeks old now and seem to be small to me. The leaves don’t seem to be growing in size. They have 4 sets of leaves on each one. But now the bottom leaves have turned yellow and the top ones are curling up like its to hot for them but I know it’s not. My temp in the closet is 70 to 80 and humidity is 45 to 55. I know it will take a little longer for them to get up in size because of the light being so far away. I have them in organic soil in red solo cups with holes for drainage. I’ve only seen the leaves curl later me this from heat. I know that it is not from heat though right now! Can you give me your thoughts on this problem? I hope I’ve explained my issues enough to get feedback. I think that maybe my soil has something to do with it .maybe soil staying wet for to long in bottom of cup

What type of soil nutes added ?
I’m think you might be root bound
3 weeks old With 4 sets of leaves ?

Welcome to ILGM @Travmatt Lots of good folks here willing to jump in and help. We need a picture or two and some more info on your grow to really help you properly

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thanks bob was just going to do that…


no problem @garrigan62 I know thats what you guys need so I try to help out when I can. I’m too new to know much more than you need to fill that out, lol

Also you mite want to ask them for pic’s. picture are worth a thousand words.

Will…P. S Big game this weekend


Sending us a pic would be very helpful


I haven’t figured out how to do that! Sorry

I haven’t figured out how to do that! Sorry

Cool I think I got them on here. I haven’t start any nutrients yet. I was scared to burn them up Today I repotted in 1 gal pots with dirt from my grandmothers compost bin. I put bag of perlite mixed up with it I’ll put pictures of that when I get home tonight yes my soil was really too wet before reporting I have micro Veg. And bloom addatives I will give the name when I get home. Thankyou! For your info. Will see what they look like in couple days. My new soil mix seemed damp enough to not add water I’m gonna check and see if i need to add a few sprays with bottle. Wanna let the roots dry out a bit before watering fan may have it about ready to add a little water in a few hours. I’ll get back on here latertonight

After doing this repotting today. I’m thinking maybe spraying them with the water bottle water may have sat on them and maybe acted like a magnafying lense and burned them Is that possible?

It is a 1000 watt light! Oh yeh. My roots were a dirty yellow when repotting I really hope this fixes my problem. I had holes in the solo cups. Might not have been big enough or not enough holes I had a 1/4 inch hole in the center and 3 little triangle holes in the bottom corners thankyall for responding to me! I’ll be back later!.

Looks to me like you have a ph problem for sure


The base of the main stem in one photo is on the blueish side may be that is a clue ? I don’t know, what do you think about it @Majiktoker ? (just asking, maybe I am to curious, lol :sweat_smile: :wink:, i have nothing else to do tonight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::v:)

I blew up the pictures you can see the stems, they look fine not healthy but not blue either they look kinda whitish brown to me hard to tell with bad light @Niala

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Also a root rotting problem

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Yeah it’s true, you’re absoletly right, I have magnify it with a editor of photo and effectively they are whitish and brown and they are shrinking at the base, not a healty looking ! I’ll step back, it’s over my head, lol :+1::v::innocent:

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Hey its alright stick around you’ll learn it and be able to soon teach it :+1:

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hello I have a few plants coming up but really slow. They are 3 weeks. They are super skunk. And chocolope. Some look like they are to hot Some dont. I have them under a 1000 watt ML light It is over 4 feet over them. I have never checked the ph on soil or water I just started

.AdvancedNutients. Micro Grow and Bloom. They say all 3 together on bottles works best this is what I’m looking at;

3 weeks old. Tell me what I need to do next I’ve put to much time to not try to do it some what right !! So I need expert opinions and thoughts from experiences. Just from pics advice me please