Not sure whats going on

Pre flower on a Gorilla glue photo. Day 45 from seed. Not sure why its looking the way it is. Same strain and time frame, soil, nutes as sicky. Had just watered both day before.

Any thoughts?

Too much nitrogen will do that but its too pale to suspect that.
Fan blowing on it directly will do it.
Pest damage on main stalk.
Just a few ideas.

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Or underwatering. My two cents. Get a moister meter for soil if you don’t have one. Really kept it simple for me. I just chopped. Look! ( Lato Cake 95’)


It’s more than likely overwatering. Under-watering doesn’t look like that. This is a bad picture but you can see droopy on the left in the background of this shot - she’s under-watered. So is the fallen soldier in the front but she’s used to it by now. Hence why she just grows sideways when she falls over :rofl:

My other thought as well.

Seriously thinking overwatering though.

I anticipate “but I water the same as the other one” to which I reply preemptively this:
All plants are different, even sisters from the same package of seeds. Sicky isn’t drinking as much or as fast as the other one, and consequently if you water her with the same frequency as her sister, you’re going to be slowly (or quickly) drowning her and promoting root rot.

Get the hang of feeling when the pot is light, therefore the soil is dry enough to warrant watering. It won’t be at the same time as the other plant(s), I bet ya.


Overwatering…. cannabis evolved to go through drought cycles. Let your plants dry out occasionally.:droplet:

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