Not sure what's going on here, please help

Grand daddy purp
Fox farm tiger bloom
Northern Virginia

Some pistols have dried up possibly died. Not sure what’s going on. Should I cut away these buds or will it resolve itself? Affected area is small but I’m concerned it may spread. Catapillars maybe? It’s been very hot the last 2 weeks also. Pictures below of what it looks like and one of the normal buds that are on 80% of the plant.

Not sure what’s going on with this let me tag some others and they’ll tag more if they don’t.
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Thank you

Have you checked underside of leaves?
Don’t see any webs on buds just some random specs.

Almost looks like she’s been pollinated, open a calyx/bract and see if it has an immature seed.

On the other hand I do see at least 6 beetles/bugs of some sort on photo 4, open the bud with your fingers and inspect for bugs/caterpillars.

I do find catapillars sometimes (their about the length of your pinky nail) , lots of leaf hoppers too. Should I just cut away the affected areas and do a light bug spray?

I do find catapillars sometimes (their about the length of your pinky nail) , lots of leaf hoppers too. Should I just cut away the affected areas and do a light bug spray?

I have seen this before on some others have posted.

I can’t remember what the cause is. Maybe @Myfriendis410 knows.

Well inspect and identify the issue first, different sprays for different bugs. I see some bugs, but that doesn’t meant thats the issue here. If you have had caterpillars before on this plant, Yes I’d go with Safer Soap / Caterpillar as a preventative. Photo 4 has a bunch of unidentified beetle looking bugs on various leaves.

But I’m still thinking looks pollinated.
Early signs female has been pollinated is that her bracts become larger.
Test to see, take a pair of tweezers, grab one bract, and open it up. If there is a seed inside, you have a pollinated plant.
Another indication of pollination- colour of pistil hairs. When a female has been pollinated, the previously white hairs will soon shrivel and become darker.

Also verify it isn’t going herm.


Referring to the bumps?
I get them too, on mine they are trichomes on sugars and some fans, there as a sunscreen.

I know what trichomes are. This is something different. You can read about other types of plants get these same bumps. The plants are not marijuana plants.

Not marijuana plants. This is why I tagged @Myfriendis410. He should know.

Hopefully it is trichomes but the location of the bubbles seed off to me.

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Very cool, never seen that. Never cease to be amazed, nature is badass.

No offense intended on the trichomes, Just seemed typical & didn’t seem to be the issue of the OP.

Its all good. I didn’t get offended at all. :+1::+1::+1:

I will check that out when I get home. Thank you all

The fact it’s hot leads me to believe that you are seeing a reaction. If it’s really hot it would be wise to shade plants and water twice a day. Otherwise need to treat for worms as they’ll destroy your plant.

“Safer” brand Caterpillar Killer is perfect and can spray up to the day of harvest.


Pic 1 and 2 I broke open 2 of those and did find a tiny green seed. After close inspection I don’t see any male pollen sacks and the 2 plants feet away are fine. Should I just let it go and let it seed or should I cut it down? It’s a very large 6ft × 6ft plants and I would hate to loose it

You made it this far, let it run out, you’ll have seeds to deal with and some loss of potency… But gain huge experience. Personally, If I had one go to seed, Id turn it into fresh frozen bubble hash in lieu of going the whole drying/trimming/curing process.
BUT/BUT… Inspect all of them carefully for herm/male parts and open pollen sacks. Otherwise you may have a neighbor growing or a hemp farm nearby - Its the outside grow gamble.