Not sure what week I'm in yet here's some pics

What’s going on group, how ya been? Haven’t posted in a while so here’s the visual update.

This is the lady I never had an issue with. My only question is how do I know when she’s gone from veg to flower?

This is the plant I buried after it fell over one day. She’s coming along nicely

And this is the one that grew upside down. So happy for them.

If you guys and gals see anything I should be aware of let me know. Other than that, grow some, smoke some. Have a good one

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Continuing the discussion from Wk 3 pics of the grow:


They look good. Nice color

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Thanks alot

Very nice looking plants, @WTAllah. They are coming along quite nicely.


If they are photo period I would say you were at about 1 month in veg. If it’s an auto I don’t have a clue haha!

It’s really really really a good idea to have some kind of journal or calendar (that’s what I use) for your grow. Especially when you get to the point of deciding when to harvest. It’s very nice to have that data available which will allow you to make an informed decision.


They look great well done so far


I’m sorry; you have some really pretty plants! You are obviously taking good care of them.


Long shot here but your last thread we were on said “Middle of week 3 grow” so those pictures were 15 days ago. You (SHOULD) be around day 33? :joy:

I don’t have any experience with photos yet, however Auto flowers do as the name states (usually) they Auto flower after a set amount of time from sprout. Typically 30 days they enter pre flower and you’ll begin seeing their white pistols. Photos if I’m not mistaken will veg just about as long as you will let them until you change up their light schedule to a 12/12 then they will begin to flower. Hope that helps.


Lol obviously. I asked the same question a while back. All my posts of the grow are linked together so I can keep track and ask questions.


I posted because I’m kinda using this as my journal, to keep track of things. Wanted to ask tho, Autos are on a time schedule, from my first post, today makes 11 days. Or do I go by the original post of 7 days(think growth chart)?


I’m not sure if I’m supposed to count from when they busted out of the seed or from when they sprouted above topsoil. Lol I know the answer now though thanks

Lol how’d you quote me like that so I don’t look so high next time I try to quote myself​:rofl::rofl:?

Thanks alot. All posts from day one are linked together in this thread, they’ve been through alot. My goal was just keeping them alive. I’m glad they’re surviving. Yet thank you, they are turning out pretty nice

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Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

The lady that fell over

Started flowering

They lady that grew upside down


Looking great :heart_eyes:

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What’s up growers? Ok, if you go thru the posts linked to this one you’ll see new pics of my plants. I’ll post a few anyway. I just went to the site I brought the seeds from and it said I should harvest within 10 wks. Autoflowers take usually 11 wks from what I’m reading online. I’m at day 82(11-wks, 5days). I can honestly say the shortest one could be harvested soon, all the hairs haven’t turned red but a good majority will be in a few days. Yet the other two JUST really started budding. The hairs are turning faster than the shorter one and the buds are swelling pretty good. But their not ready. Do I harvest the short one? Let it grow a little longer and cut em all at the same time to dry? And should I cut at the soil or uproot and hand upside down by roots? Also local grow shop owner told me it’s better to cure in something opaque and airtight vs the glass mason jars cuz light will penetrate and mess up the cure? Have you heard of anything like this? Every other feeding I do a foliar feed(haven’t in about a week), when I harvest should I do a bud wash or just drench them with fresh water while I flush before harvest? Yo, how long do I cure for??:rofl:?? I mean I’m not in a rush but I do wanna smoke. Yet I know the longer I wait the better she’ll be. I’ve read 3 months is optimal but I don’t wanna wait that long. How do I get it done correctly in about six weeks? Also at the grow shop they had these little bags that will keep the inside humidity of the container at (whatever # was on the package - sliding scale) regardless to what the outside temperature was doing for like $4 a pop. Have you ever seen/heard of these, and do they work? The pics are from a few days ago less than three. The last two are screenshots from Snapchat because all the other pics I have are under the light. Add me WTAllah. Another question, do I force my plants to change colors or just leave it alone?

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How many days does it take to bud after veg.

Depending on strain usually 7-9 weeks for indica and upto 11 for Sativa.