Not sure what to feed

I am at the end of week 6. I am using the nutrients sold by ILGM. My plant is already starting to flower. According to the feeding schedule I should be on the last time for the Grow Time fertilizer but since it’s been flowering for a few days, should I skip the Grow Time and start the Flower Time food? I’m a first time grower and I don’t want to do anything to lessen my yield.


Since it is flowering it needs nutrients specified for flowering.
6 weeks isn’t too bad. A lot a autos turn sooner


@Mikermaj1 Welcome to the Community!! Your getting an early lesson in the plants can’t read a chart so they don’t follow one. The charts from any nute provider are really more of a loose depiction of a timeline that your plant may or may not follow. Autos are unpredictable and have an internal clock you’ll have to learn to follow based on what she’s showing you. Your in a great place to learn and ask a ton of questions.


Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:

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Welcome to the community, You’re OK with a veg nute the the frist couple weeks early flower stage it will help support stretch mode but after that they need to be on the Bloom nutes. That’s just me good luck . :v::+1:


Thank you.

Welcome aboard! Good call on the skipping a week on the schedule. Good luck and happy growing!