Not sure what to do right now


So I have NL AF that’s had a great grow. she’s 67 days into flowering. She started to kind of die off last week, and I figured that it was time. I only have a jewelers loupe to look at trichs, it’s like I can’t really see them, just lots milky white hairs. So 3 days ago I put her in darkness. I just took her out and amber trichs STILL aren’t that evident to me wth the JL. Would I be able to even see them without a microscope? So now she’s dried out and has a great deal of brown leaves. Not sure if I should water, trim, put back in the light or harvest! Help please :grimacing:


can you see them now? This is your bud, I zoomed in on it

When you jewellers loupe fails you, get the closest clear pic of your bud that you can. Goto that pic in your phones gallery, zoom in on it, then take a screen shot and repeat the process to look at trikes

To me it looks ready. You could harvest now or wait longer imo. No harm in waiting, still have some non amber trikes to but you don’t want them all to go amber


You gave her way too many nutrients at some point and I’m sure the ph is way out of wack… :wink:
I think she’s lived her life to its fullest and it’s time to get her to the finish line… cut her down and get her in a dark room with 40 ish humidity until she’s dry enough to go into jars… looks like it will be good medicine… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


She is done, chop chop chop :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


Thank you, that’s what I wanted to hear lol.

She actually has been flushed since November 21 and hasn’t had a runoff below 6.2! That’s another reason why I wasn’t sure what to do, but yeah I feel like she’s far enough to be done. Here’s a zoomed in pic.


@TDubWilly Not hacking :grimacing: but thanks for the camera tip​:+1:


Np @SmoknGranny, you will lose a little clarity with each zoom :ok_hand:


My NL clone never did go very amber, and it is very a nice smoke. The fact that there are no more fan leaves is a very good clue that the plant is done. NL is cool that way. Not much to groom when you hang it up to dry. Some strains are not like that at all.

Get out the scissors!


Thank you for saying that! I took down that one yesterday and my other one (it had gone herm) today. A couple weeks ago I snipped a bud, dried it out over a few days and got a really good smoke! I knew that it had to be closer to done than the trichs were telling me after that!