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Hey people
Another randon question not even sure it belongs here so apologise in advance. I planted an ogeuses autoflower seed bout 3 months ago I planted it in a three gallon bucket. In I no I no in miracle grow not my best move . But it hads made it to flower very well no issues. i had all the best intention of growing a monster, done research ,read books watch countless videos but as many if you no life gets in the way so ingirned it for about 2mouths just checked lights every so often . Could you guys have a look and tell me what’s use think


I think she’s coming along nicely! How long has she been flowering?


Not sure I’d say about a month. That’s the top of the plant it looks bigger but it’s only about 2" and very light (gappy) if ya get me .the rest are about 1" i checked the tricome things with a loop all are cloudy and id say bout 60 to 90 present of the hairs are brown no longer white not sure weather to chop it . Or leave it another whike and see whats what.



Yellowing of the leaves . I took the two fan leaves off in the middle of the plants cause the where brown and crispy . Is there any chance i can save this and get crasy buds ?. Only feed water mstbe twice cause it’s miracle grow soil it held water for 3 months and can feed up to that time. gave it a bit of pk bout a week ago. A bud roid to be sure lol.whats me chances.


If it were me I would leave it a little longer. You don’t want to see white pistils usually (strain dependent), and I like to see at least a little amber, even if you can hold off until you have 5-10% I think you will be happy that you did. :+1:


Ok leave it another week or two and see what happens keep checking the colour look for Amber then chop lol


Just looking at the long distance between nodes I would bet you don’t have enough light on it. I grew my first plant in MiracleGrow and it was a lot denser. Got 7 ounces dry weight too. I think you would be happier and get a lot more product with about 50 real watts per square foot. Not marketing “equivalent watts”, but the real power drawn from the wall.


I have in it 3 45w clf bulbs but was never really happy with them felt cheap and and once on for a week plastic started to become brittle. And fall apart what would you recommend for next grow . I whent gor miracle grow cause I thought the less i had to do for first grow the better . Is there any way to salvage any good weight do ya think.


@Buddy2 leave it be fir now especially if it only been flowering for a month
8 week min flower time with most strains taking longer to finish in my experience
Unless its a auto strain then 60-90 days in mist cases from seed
Also @1BigFella has made a great point on light
You can get a few good deals on lights on amazon @dbrn32 is a good light guy
Hopefully he sees this tag and jumps in
You should have that 50w per square foot for flower
With leds you can get away with as little as 35 but i still keep mine at 50
Happy growing


Thanks guys for the help much appreciated. My grow tent is 3ft x 3ft by 5ft high. not really into multi plants just like focusing on one plant (for now).will have to look into better quality lights
clf’s just arent for me. thinking led for next grow.


You can do alright with cfl’s, you just need big ones and lots of them.

Like the others have stated, 50 Watts of power draw per square foot is a pretty good measure using the budget panels on amazon. If you get into a little more efficient fixture you can do pretty good with less Watts but the price per watt will go up significantly. A few of us have been building similar fixtures to save some cash on that type of light. So if that’s an option, we could help you along the way.

You were looking at replacing lights already, what kind of budget did you have in mind?


I think the cfl"s I got werent the best after a week the plastic holding in the bulb started to become brittle and crumble. Not good .i woulnt mind spending a fair bit on a good light .Il look on Amazon and see whats what. The ones use are building are they selling or is it early days i think i should have got 2700k for budding but just keep the 6500all the way through would that have made an impact.


Oh meant to ask can one light do both .as in one that that has a full spectrum


Lots of ways to go about the cfls, but I was more curious about helping you select future lighting solution.


Sorry I missed 2nd reply there. There are several lights that you can run seed all the way to harvest if that’s what you’re looking for. You just want a good ratio of intensity from blue to red wavelengths.

A couple of members here have recently went with kits from horticulture lighting group for 3’x3’ tents. But there are plenty of options out there


You can do it with grow lights from Amazon if you want. Just read the fine print and see what their actual power draw is from the wall. They tend to say “1000 WATTS” in the headline and then say “draws 230 watts” or something like that much later in the ad copy. You need 9 square feet x 50 watts = 450 real watts total. You probably need to buy more than one.

One plant in a 3 x 3 tent is fine. You might want to top it or use some training to get it to spread out to fill the space better. Easy to do. Or look at the SCROG tutorial on this site.


Thanks for the info I would have just assumed the watts where what they say they are that’s maybe where i whent wrong with the 3x 45w clfs defo going to go with led for my next grow sticking with the same strain till I master it (ogesus by seed expert) auto 60 day flower. Any one herd of it.

Is there any recommendations of led lights that would do from seed to harvest ?


You can grow with CFLs. You just need a LOT of them. Like about 20 in a 3x3 tent of the big ones that draw 23 watts from the wall, and you need a reflector that bounces all the light down at the plants. It is possible, People do it. LEDs just give you better light and last a lot longer.


Hey ppl. Order myself a

actual watt is 150w
TOPLANET 300w Led Grow Light Plant Lamps Real Full Spectrum Light UV IR for Greenhouse/Indoor/Grow Tent/Hydroponic Chili Vegetable Plants High Par Value

For my 2ft x 2ft by 5ft grow tent (only one plants being grown) although might actual stick a chilli plant and a citronella in there will that take away light away from my main plant I want to grow .

My main reason to chat. Its the buds don’t seem to be filling out just getting taller. Not fatter. Buds still gappy and not dense at all. Was looking a bit of info as to why maybe . for future grow. Hers a pic but not the best


Plants typically double in height during flowering. The buds only get fat near the end. Light is a bit low for 2x2 but adequate for vegetation. 50 watts per square foot for flower. When the light is too low you get little wispy buds.