Not sure what this is or what to do - Yellow spots - please help

This is a gorilla glue auto by Growers Choice, it is 3 weeks old and I just noticed these spots, I have a second plant of the same strain that does not have spots.

Newer, upper leaves don’t seem to be affected.

I am not sure what I need to do to correct this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Looks like pests. Check bottom side of leaves with magnification.

Not sure. Id be under those leaves with a microscope tho!

@blackthumbbetty @Myfriendis410 possibly Cal deficiency?

Looks like something is eating your girl. I see a torn leaf, as well as the spots?


Doesn’t QUITE look like pests IMO. Did you by any chance spray a few droplets of water on the leaves recently? Also; how are you monitoring your PH as it could be a PH issue.

I was going by the multiple torn leaves and perfectly round spots.

Could be any number of things depending on what a support ticket tells us.

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Heck, it could be septoria.

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I have looked at underside but not with microscope, I will do that when I get home. could have gotten water on them, ph on water is 6.5.
half leaf could be from dropping this plant once while moving too many at once.
2nd identical plant not showing anything. here is pic of 2nd plant

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Is the first plant in straight perlite?

no, just topped it with it, did same to second plant but didnt take top pic afterwards. 2nd plant pic is from day before.

top layer of perlite is in Hope’s if deterring gnats from reproducing, read they do so in top layer of moist soil so thought I would try this.

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