Not sure what the issue is!


I am new to growing and currently on my first grow with 1 plant, an ILGM Sour Diesel Autoflower.

I am trying to figure out exactly what the issue is with my plant. To sum it up, I am growing in organic soil, Coast Of Maine Organic Growers Mix in a 5 Gal pot. I added the Coast of Maine Seed Starter Mix in the middle of the pot to start it off initially since i was not going to transplant. I am doing water only, so no extra nutes or anything other than some dry amendments later on. I didn’t know what my PH was until just a few days ago and found out it was at a PH of 8.0! I just did a watering last night with a PH of 6.5 using a PH down to lower it. I hear many people say you don’t need to PH water for organic grows but i did it anyway just in case. If it is a PH issue, I guess i will have to wait some days and see what the new growth looks like.

Also, i watered from the bottom because i have a few gnats flying around, so that’s another issue i am having and i am not sure if the larvae are messing with the roots or not.

I have a Mars Hydro TS600 (100W) that was initially 30 inches away and now at 27 inches away with a light schedule of 24/0. I thought maybe it could also be Light burn but probably not.

Although this issue has been present since the beginning of its life, I don’t think its growth has stunted at all and continues to grow. Below are some pics and i also added the link to my original post for you to look back at and maybe follow on my journey :slight_smile:

I appreciate any help with trying to figure out what is wrong here. I’ve gotten lots of help already, but doesn’t hurt to have more eyes take a look.

I’ll let someone chime in but I have the same soil and same issue. I think the gnats were already in the soil but I guess what you get get something for free.

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I blame them on my houseplants. When I treat the tents I treat everything in my house. Between mosquito bit juice and sticky traps I see very few.

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Are you seeing the same issue with the plants or just the gnats?

my DE just came today, will use them if needed. I have not seen anymore gnats other than what is on the trap, but they can still be there somehwere

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House plants have them also! My son grows a lot of succulents but I am not allowed to touch those. :thinking:

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@noob_grower both issues, the ph and my ec is high, im going to try and do a flush until to lower it tomorrow.

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What’s ec?

Electrical Conductivity.


Oooooh haha thanks

how’s the girls doing?

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she seems to be doing OK. Today is 3 weeks since sprout
I posted some pics today, you can take a look below in my main post. Let me know what you think

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