Not sure what stage I’m in

So I’m currently sitting at day 47 from sprout on my Zkittles. I bought a macro lens to look at her trichomes but kind of struggling. Looking for some advice on what stage I’m in w/flowering, what to expect/prep/do next and and advice would be more than welcomed. Rookie grower here. Cheers


Middle of flower. Week 4 or 5

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Oh okay. IM glad you confirmed that for me. When do I prep for the final flush?
When should my last nite feeding be?

Tha m you in advance!

I don’t flush, I will just feed straight pH water for the final 2 weeks. I would start once the trichomes are mostly cloudy.

You have a jewelers loop?


I do but those pics I attached seem to be the best I can do.

I understand, as long as you can see the trichomes.

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That is by definition of flushing. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Lmao. Am so technical :slight_smile:


No I get it! This is the first tho go I’ve ever grown outside of a beard and pubes and I feel like I’m acting like a 20+ yr seasoned grower. Lmao. I’m still on the market for a better “loop/macro” lense. I just ordered the one I added a pic of. Any suggestions?


I use a Jeweler Loupe 30x and 60x. It does the job nicely. You just need to practice using it is all. :+1::+1::+1:


I understand that feeling! They look great! Nice work.

That lens kit a few growers here use, and love it.

Am with MrPeat, it’s takes some practice with a loupe. I luckily got it down after some practice.

Very well gentleman. Sounds like it’s more of a skill than an expense. Much appreciated! Until my next rookie question…

Beautiful plant ! Any chance you can post a full picture of her ? I’m growing zkittles too and am wondering how tall she is at that point. Ty :v:

May I see @MrPeat what yours looks like if possible? Thank you :grin:

Of course. As of 5min ago

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Loupes are cheap, just have to learn how to use them.

Copied from some jewelry website:

How to use a loupe

First, unfold the loupe and slip your index finger—either one will do—into the opposite opening from the glass.

Second, hold the loupe up to your face so the first knuckle on your thumb is firmly pressed against your cheek and the glass is positioned directly over your eye.

Third, with your other hand, move the ring or gemstone to within 1 to ½ inches of the lens. Keep the hand holding the loupe steady. Don’t move it. I lean my elbow on a table to steady my louple holding hand.

Move the ring or gemstone in or out until it comes into focus, again, usually within 1 to ½ inch of the lens. Move the piece of jewelry around. Look at it from different angles. Take your time.

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Thank you @Hellraiser, I had a feeling it was more of a technique thing than anything. Another lesson learned. I also think I’m beginning to over feed them. For no more reason than a gut feeling.

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See above for pics boss. Forgot to reply to ya.

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Yeah they’re looking a little dark green, might want to cut back on the nutes a little.

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