Not Sure What Happened Here... Some Questions for the table:

Greetings all, hope everyone is staying safe and well in these times! Last year I bought White Widow Feminized seed pack - 10 + 10 free. Great Deal and thank you. I had great success with the 3 that I planted last year, one using LST and 2 LST + scrog. Followed the germ guide, placed seeds in drilled solo cups sprouted within a week, transplant once into final pots. Outdoor greenhouse grow in 15 gal fabric pots, Recipe 420 commercial soil. Exactly what I expected, bountiful harvest and excellent end product. The remaining seeds were left in their original packaging, indoors in a dark cool area.
Fast forward to Feb. 2020. I used the remaining two seeds from the first 5-pack and grabbed one from a second 5-pack followed the germ guide again,planted into drilled solo cups. The two from the first pack sprouted within a week, the seed from the new pack sporuted, but “stalled” and died off. OK, grab another from the second pack, follow the germ guide and plant (new soil/new solo cup). Over a week and nothing.
Now here’s where things get weird - The original-pack two grew fast and have been transplanted to new Recipe 420 soil in new fabric pots in my outdoor greenhouse about 3 weeks ago. I was looking for the right time to top them and to my surprise I saw what looked to be pistils growing already. I wait another week and yes, these are starting to bud already!
The third plant (second seed from second 5-pack) has still failed to sprout after 1-1/2 weeks.
My questions:
How long should I be able to keep my unsprouted feminized seeds and expect them to be viable?
Is it possible that somehow the feminizing treatment of the seeds can change the seeds such that they either fail to sprout or morph into autoflower?
Is it possible that somehow 2 AF seeds got mixed in with the first 5=pack I opened? I mean, how likely is it that I would have grabbed the 3 fem seeds and left the 2 AF’s if that was the case?
What is the likelyhood that the rest of my unused seeds (12 or 13) are going to be problematic?
Or, am I just doing something wrong?
Some background on myself - I have been a gardener for years, mostly using “donated” seeds and with the exception of a few bug problems have never had any real issues. This is a first for me to see plants start flowering at like 8 weeks.
Any suggestions, advice, ideas will be greatly appreciated! Once I fiigure out how to post pics I will if that will help!
Thanks in Advance!

@Yurassis_Draghin I thought I had aproblems

Take a pic I need to see please your problem it’s first button by the check mark :white_check_mark: hit that pictures will come up pic your problem than hit it it will load wait gives you 100/ it’s done

Thanks @kcj! I must be missing something as I do not see the checkmark you mentioned anywhere! I searched the forum and did not see what was mentioned there either. Is this because I am using my desktop?

@kcj OK, Take 2: Sory for the brain fart! Here are the 2 feminized White Widow plants that seem to be into flower stage at about 8 weeks:

@Yurassis_Draghin tour on the desktop I’m my :iphone: I phone

@Yurassis_Draghin0rwtty pictures getting tall to

I suspect they have not seen enough daylight yet to maintain veg and went into flower. The 12/12 rule is not exactly hard and fast so plants could see what to you looks like a long day but to the plants it’s telling em to start flowering. If they are autos they will happily flower out with no issues. If the flowers stall out as daylight increases then that’s your culprit. If so they will reveg but there’s a chance of a hermaphrodite.

Remember that every plant is different.

Any seeds that fail to germinate can be claimed for refund or credit.

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Well, OK then I guess if they are auto’s I should not top them, but if they go back into veg is it OK to top or should I just leave them be and let nature take its course?
Thanks for the info!

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If photos sure: once they revert you can train. They may have some hardened stems though. You’ll just have to see.