Not Sure What From White Widow Fem

Just started my White Widow Fem and so far not having success with germination and when they sprout I have these unknown looking plants coming up. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry until I found pictures of another white widow plant, just did not look like what I’m familiar with.


Not sure what you are asking.

Sorry I’m just stupid,just did not look right to me. I found pictures of older WW plants. Had a head slap moment.

Thanks Latewood

They look good to me , healthy indica hybrids looks like ?

latewood, can you tell me if there is some place for instructions for downloading pictures. I am having problems with my WW and GL. I need to send pictures to show the problem. any help will be appreciated. Keep it green.

Click on icon with Arrow pointing up above a line above. Click browse to upload image from your device. Wait until it uploads…That’s it :smile:

I suggest editing images down to 1600x1600, or no bigger than 2MB