Not sure what can be done. Could someone take a look?

Brand new to site, second autoflower grow, 8th grow total. I am wanting to see if she is okay. I started pruning and maybe went a lil far. Here are a few pics, then then info. Thanks in advance for any help!

-Endor Auto Fem, Gobsmacked Genetics
-55 Days old
-Method: Soil (generic)
-Vessels: 5 gal fabric
-PH 6.4
-Method used to measure PH - Digital gauge
-Indoor 2x3 tent
-Light system VIPARSPECTRA Va1000 1000w full spectrum and VIPARSPECTRA P600 600w full spectrum
-Actual wattage 230w and 95×
-Current Light Schedule 20/4
-Temps; Day 78, night 63
-Humidity; Day 36 Night 40
-Ventilation system; Yes, , 4 inch

  • Humidifier
    -Co2; No
    -Foop Nutrient Package

I always say wait a few days to see if they are hurting, from what I can see you are doing just fine. I had a 18" fan fall on one of my girls and knocked off 1/4 of the plant off. A week later you wouldnt even notice. They are living things, that typically live outside, they are TOUGH! :love_you_gesture:


To be honest to me they look a lil hungry i grow autos and if i wait to long to amend my soil they start looking just like this and and a lil calmag to your next couple feeds


Agreed. My autos look like this when I underfed them.

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How to F you start a new topic on this forum???

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Main page and follow prompt, should be able to get there. This is from phone, not sure from computer.

PC is definitely different, does not look the same at all. No “start topic” button anywhere… Or I have gone totally blind.

These plants look like they have Bud rot. Spread open the buds and look inside them. If it;s brown or black this is your problem and they are gone. Do not smoke. Toss them and start over.

Here’s the desktop version.

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You have to spend time on the site before it grants you new permissions. Keeps the bots out.

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Thanks, that seemed to be the case. Topics now open.

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Welcome to a great community, these Auto guys will getcha straight :+1:

Right on :metal:

I was thinking the same thing on the 3nd picture but i thought the first 2 was the same in better light so thats why i didnt say anything

They all look suspicious to me. If not mold possibly spider mites. I have seen them do the same thing.

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I just had a bad spider mite infection and all i saw was webbing and alot of lil white spots on my leaves from a distance it looked like powdery mildew but i dont really know whats going on here. but ill see if i can tag some more experience growers to help

@MattyBear can you help this person or tag someone who can cause i really dont have a clue to whats going on here and dont want to stear in wrong direction

I’ll need some better pics before diagnosing, but they look off for sure.


Well I am 95% sure it’s bud rot. I have seen it for myself. Only reason i said possibly spider mites is because of the sickly look where spider mites eat off all the chlorophyl and the leaves turn yellow and brown. A good scope pic would tell a lot.

Okay, spread open a few buds and we are good there. I upped her nutrient intake just a lil bit and all is getting better. Bad pics I think were showing what looked brownish are now purple. I think discolored leaves were from over trimming. Dont know what I was thinking there. All buds are now getting fat and all are stickier than any I’ve grown so far. Will post better pics next week