Not sure what branches to cut if any

Hello fellow farmers.
I am in Texas ( US ), my question, I have 2 amnesia Haze and 1 chocolope plant growing outdoors in pots.
All three are about 4-5 feet tall and are bushy… big time…
what branches should i cut off to “thin” the plants out so that the natural sunlight can flow through the plants?
Thanks in advance for any and all your help.

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You can remove older dying fan leaves from the lower third of the plant if you feel it necessary. I would not remove branches unless the health of the plant is at stake. Every branch you remove is one less cola the plant produces. I would normally let the plant decide what to drop: they are pretty good at it lol.

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How many times have you topped?
Bottom growth trimming focuses growth resources on upper sections. Are they flowering yet?
If you are planning to go all summer, trimming a few of the bigger lower branches would slow growth just a little. But make for more bud growth.

Thank you.

Never have grown before , I’m a first timer.

thanks for your response

makes total sense.

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I have topped them a few times. No we still have way to much day time for the plants to start flowering.but that’s what I had read is that if you cut lower growth, all of the resources will go to the top and parts that are getting the sun and make for BIGGER and dense buds. I would rather have quality vs quantity.
so you my friend have made alot of sense.

I think that applies more indoors with a stationary light. Indoors the different parts of the plant get VERY different amounts of light because of distance from the light. Outside, all parts of the plant get light of the same strength. Your lower colas will be fine unless you chop them off.

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Very good point. It goes back to letting the plant decide what she needs to let go of. If the leaves are happy, they are producing sugar. You can start to work on non performing parts as you transition to flower.