Not sure the strain. I think White Widow. Paranoia! WOW!

Started growing when I retired after that Covid thing. No where to go. I’ll grow pot. Had a ball. Never smoked but a couple time when I was a teen. Was nervous about trying it again. Didn’t have any the first grow! Was driving home the other day and thought what the hell. Took a hit off a one hitter and felt kinda weird right away. After about 5 minutes it hit me. Body was tingeling I gotta get home! Quick! Shit! Which way is home? Don’t speed. Stop at all the stop signs! Shit. Do something I’d normally do. Lit a cigar. Finally after what seemed hours, I was 5 Minutes from home. I pulled into my neighborhood and saw a freind coming out of a neighbors house. I’d normally stop and say hi. So I did. He invited me in to show me some work he was doing on the house. Ok. We went inside and walked around a house I had never been in before. I was lost! Then he started talking about painting or something like that. He sounded like an adult Charlie Brown character and I had no idea what he was saying. I had to get out of there quick. I cut him off mid sentence and said I had to go outside and get my cigar that I left on the porch. I couldn’t find my way out. He lead me out, I grabbed the cigar and tried to leave. He kept on talking! I grabbed my phone as if I got a text and said “ I have to go” jumped in my car and drive a block home. Shit. Now what. I’d normally go for a walk so I changed clothes and headed out. Sirens everywhere. For what seemed like hours. There was a car accident a couple blocks away. Just keep walking. Sidewalk was not as straight as I remembered it to be. I NEVER see anyone on my walk. Here comes 2 people on either side of the road. I usually walk to the other side of the street instead of passing someone on the sidewalk. Now what. I took the middle of the street. After a couple of blocks realized I was still walking down the middle of the street. Got back on the sidewalk turned the corner and there was a policeman with a k9 standing there. Shit! This is a nice neighborhood. Never any trouble. NEVER COPS WITH DOGS! I would normally say something like “what’s going on”. All that came out was “nice dog”. Kept walking for 3 miles. Got back home and thought I’d normally take a shower. So I did. Upon completion I whipped the shower curtain open looked in the mirror and thought I was in a hotel bathroom. How in the hell did I get here? Walked around the house until I ended up in the living room and recognized my house. Also realized I had forgotten to take off my socks before I showered. So now the place has wet footprints everywhere! Shit. Took off the wet socks, grabbed a towel and started drying the floor. Completely naked crawling around the kitchen and living room. Hoping like hell I get done before my wife gets home. Tried to take a nap but my mind WOULD NOT stop thinking of old memories. Nothing bad. Just shit from the past. I did think at one time I might have died while walking and the cops had a dog looking for me. Shit. I think I fell asleep then for awhile cause I can’t remember anything else until I was in the kitchen cooking dinner for the mrs and me. I just grabbed something from the fridge, put it on a plate and put it in the microwave. I usually have water with my meals so I poured a glass and put it in the microwave. She missed that but I damn near burned my tongue. I gotta be honest. I didn’t like it. Scared the shit out of me. I gave a bag to a freind and told him “ be careful”! He’s been a daly smoker for years. He told me it was nothing! Gave it a 3! I said out of 5? He said no. 10. I must me a light weight!!! The paranoia was unbelievable! Not a fan. I kept thinking about post on here and all these people on here that do this all the time. And like it? Again. I must be a real lightweight. You guys have fun! Don’t think I’m gonna grow again.


Man u were tripping balls hard core its a funny story and a good read ive had moments like that but that was when i was 18 when hydro just came out ,dont give up growing bro keep goin with it you will get used to smoking weed dont let that experience throw you off


You poor innocent boy, as a lightweight myself you have to start small ,1 hitters and mini bowls, learn which are internal journey strains or movie or energetic and talkative, from there learn how to function in society buzzed, which tends to be either hide behind a mask that your usual self, or my favorite thing to do is to chain my thoughts together super fast so you don’t get bogged down. I recommend trying again in a comfortable space


My wife has the same thing going on when she eats even a half of edible. Marijuana is not for everyone. If you enjoy growing there are several Veteran programs you could donate to. I grow more than I can consume so that’s what I do. They use it to help them get off street drugs and help with PTSD.
Growing is a great hobby even if you don’t like to consume it


That’s exactly the reason I keep smoking…chasing that first high. There’s nothing like it. I think your biggest problem was not being home


Start off smoking at home if you haven’t smoked in a good while. The genetics are generally better and cannabinoid percentages are higher than back in the day.

One the rare occasions I do get to smoke, ( random hair or urinalysis. You never know which until you get to medical), I enjoy going to the shop and lifting or catching up on endless projects, working outside dropping trees/clearing brush out in the yard , etc.

I wish I could partake more often, I’d get waaay more accomplished and would sure be happier. You just have to find the amount that helps you focus.


I started smoking weed again after 20+ yrs. At first I only did it at home and couldn’t go anywhere after only one hit. Two hits and I was a blathering idiot. Eventually my tolerance went up and I got more comfortable going out. I use it for pain and insomnia and it works better than the pills I’m prescribed.


Anything else in that one hitter? :rofl:

Nope. :joy:

Maybe try a strain with more CBD and less THC


LOL, that’s funny. just remember, it will always ware off.


I had to laugh out loud.

I’m not much of a smoker, serious lightweight. I love to grow for the sake of growing, but I also dabble with edibles and tinctures for the same reason. I can’t handle the short term memory loss that comes with getting way too high - so I have been playing around with tinctures to get “the perfect dose” - which for me is up and at ‘em before the high feeling kicks in.

You might be in my shoes, with a super low THC tolerance and a strong distaste for the “side effects” that come with the intense highs. I won’t say you gotta keep growing, but quite honestly there are loads of strains out there with majorly low dose of THC and a good amount of CBD for pain management. My wife is (unfortunately) allergic to THC entirely, can’t do it without heart racing, head pounding, blood rushing discomfort even at low doses. She lives for the CBD infusions and vapes.

All that was to say, if you enjoyed growing but don’t love the super high highs, I can point you to some nice low-dose weed that may strike you better (like Cannatonic)


LOL this was hilarious!!

Ok. What others. Preferably here on ILGM. I have a balance here. Thanks!


Harlequin (only 7% thc max)
Cannatonic (up to 15% thc - I’m a one-hit quitter with this stuff)
They also have OG Kush CBD, Critical Mass CBD, and a few others. If you hit the Search bar and type in “CBD seeds” they have an assortment. There’s even an autoflower CBD mix pack

None of em are 10 + 10 right now but I do have my eyes peeled for when/if Harlequin hits the sale page.

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@Graysin thanks. Maybe I’ll try this in the spring. I did enjoy growing.