Not sure of strain. Any ideas? Lucky seeds from a bag of smoke


I’m not a cannabis expert, but for what i know, there’s just no way to know the strain from a picture…
There’s just tool many hybrids and new strains coming out all of the time…


I know this one!!!

Cannabis. You can thank me later.


At minimum, it’s sativa or majority sativa based on what I can see. Looks good!

First grow in 20 years. Outdoor…what stage?

Looks really healthy. I’d say you have a ways to go. 3-4 weeks at least. Trichomes should look like this. You can harvest while trichomes are at your preferred maturity:


Also, most pistils will be reddened, and lose their white color. Also, the buds will thicken up considerably the longer you wait it out.

The first two are from same plant. The rest are others. Harvest time on first one?