Not sure if these can be stacked

I just got bloom city cal mag, silica boost, foliar spray, and clean kelp can I stack all these or need to?

You don’t need to use them all at once. But remember that NPK ratios add together.

So which one should I use the website said I could stack the silica and the mag cal I only used the foliar spray on the leaves that were not given the nutrients mix of all three. Also I’ve seen this NPK term used before and not sure what it is.

Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (K)


Should I give them nutes every time I water them or like once or twice a week? How can I track the levels of NPK?

This depends on how much light you have. You can keep track of what goes in, but not really measurable to what’s actually in the medium.

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which ones should I use I assume the numbers on the front are the NPK numbers. I already use really good fox farm happy frog soil. I have a 1000 watt MH bulb definitely upgrading the lighting next crop or two got this one cheap from a friend. I use regular tap water should I get a Ph checked or use distilled?

I prefer the distilled water, but I’ve used tap in previous grows. I do notice a slight difference between the two. Higher likelihood for me to burn my plants using tap. My next purchase will be investing in a nice tankless RO system.

I know nothing of bloomcity nutrients. Sorry can’t help much here, but I did notice that their veg and bloom nutrients are granular image

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There’s not really a schedule on their website. There are instructions, but these are only guidelines.