Not sure if shes close to being ready to harvest

this is my first grow and i think i messed up with the foxfarm nutrient schedual, i think i started using them to early because i finished the feeding and been giving her straight ph balanced water for a couple weeks know and i feel the plant still isnt ready to harvest, any knowledge would be very helpfull, and how big should you let your clone or seedling grow before you start actually using the foxfarm nutrients?


What are the trichomes telling you?

Typically you start using nutes when the cotyledons die off, however some soil contain nutrition in them, for example fox farms ocean forest,and you won’t need to add nutes for 4-6 weeks.

They look a lil bit cloudy, thank you, the medium im using is coco loco

get a magnify glass…jewelers loop…check trichome coloration.
once 30 to 50% cloudy…harvest.
your girl looks nice…should be many pleasant rewards for your care.

Thank you so much, the reward for the wait will be great

Ive been reading on the trichomes colors, how long does it take for them to change colors? I would like to try to get the amber color but i think i started the nutes to early and finished up nutes about 3 weeks ago and been giving her 6.5 ph water for the 3 weeks, is that bad for the plant? And will it have full potency? I really would like her to turn out really good, she is a clone femenized gelato, the potency of the smell i feel like is not strong anymore is this a sign of close to being ready to harvest? Any and all feed back will be very helpful

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I use fox farm with clones when I reached the last stage in the veg period feeding I kept to the last week dose for the next 5 weeks I vegged extra and now I’m at the end of flowering I have a 10 and 11 week finisher that I just keep doing the last dose of flowering the 3/1 as long as I need till ready. And I stop 2 weeks before harvest to flush

I use FF trio. I divide the schedule into before and after flower. I renumber the weeks starting with flower.
For example, week 6 of the soil feeding schedule becomes week 1 of flower. Once you do that, the only real adjustment is whether to continue Grow Big or not. This will depend on the expected flower period based on what you are growing and judgement. More than likely you simply add another week, possibly two of the 2 tsp doses of GB.

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