Not sure if root or


I’m having trouble with my DWC systems.

I had root rot problems on previous grows and solved it by cutting off the nasty stuff and using Pythoff in my reservoir on a 48hr basis. The plants bounced back nicely.
I used Great White Shark microbes in my DWC systems, but the expiration date is May’21, so I am not sure if this will somehow affect the growth or have any effect at all.

The first two weeks, plants were growing healthy, but I noticed some leaf spots that indicated root problems. I washed the roots and started using Pythoff again. (This kills ALL bacteria in the reservoir ) Pythoff - FlairForm Pythoff Hydroponic Nutrient Conditioner | Flairform

Now it has been almost 72hrs, but I don’t see any sign of recovery. Roots are slightly light brown but definitely not slimy or smelly. (pics attached)

I’m trying to get some Hydroguard down here to Australia, but it’s almost impossible or too expensive. This product, Pythoff, kills absolutely everything and doesn’t add any other benefits.

Any other product recommendations that I could get easier here?
Should I wait for recovery, or roots are still rotting?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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@MorganWeedman, first of all welcome to the community, and to the forum. I’m fairly new at Dwc, first few died, first 2 no root growth, ph all over the place, 3rd roots got tangled in drip ring tube, and killed SLM. Only have 2 now, Vemon OG, is a beast approximately 64/65 days old. She takes up over half of the 2x4 tent. Poor Blackjack, lol

When I ran into a issue, I just flushed it with 5.8 water, for a day or two, then they came back stronger because of recharge implement. after the tangled mess, no more swapping buckets, and air stones. Hope this helps you with your grow, good luck with your grow

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How much of an air gap do you have between the netpot and the water?
Do you not have a way to attach a chiller to your system?

That was just one of the reasons I choose to go the rdwc route. If you can’t keep temps below 72, you may continue to have problems.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Hi @spyonyou. Thanks for your reply.

Temperature is always below 72 and PH between (5.5 -6.5).

I closed the air gap between the net pot and the water to the point water touches the base and more. I will fill the pot all the way with clay pebbles too.

What did you change to? I’m thinking of swapping to a different method next time. Too much struggle with DWC.



One of the reason your plants are so droopy is because you have to keep at least 1.5” of an air gap between netpot and water. They need the air gap for oxygen. I run about a 2” or more.

Here is my current grow.

Let us know if we can help any! Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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