Not sure if plant is sick


hey guys this is my first grow I have 2cheese autos and from the start I had problems with one plant it was always looking yellow jaundice looking I think I got it back to health by flushing it with proper ph looks green but it’s a lighter shade of green than the other one.anyway they are 40days old the ph is 6.0and they get canna a,b I added pk 13 / 14 3days ago and the plant that’s ok has really moved along in the last 3 days but the sick one doesn’t have seemed to have grown like the other one do you think it just needs time to catch up or is it a defeicency that is holding it back any help I would be grateful I also run them on 24/0 light cycle in a tent I’ve also added super thrive and foiler spray with nitrazyme.

Sounds like a nitrogen defiency I went through that with my autos about the same time sounds like what mine did

One on the left is fine it’s the other I’m worried about it haven’t flowered like the other one.can you see my pics? And did your yield turn out ok.

Yes my recovered and is doing great I added miracle gro all purpose plant food cause the nutrients I was using didn’t have a very nitrogen percentage

Wat happened to you did one of yours seem to be not progressing like the others during you think I should give it another day or 2 coz it might just catch up wat do you think.

It fought up with the other one after I got the nitrogen problem fixed but others may have more insight than I do tho

Ok thanks

Pictures in normal light is better