Not sure if mine are any good. Mold?

I am a new grower. I had these growing for quite a bit longer than the suggested 10 weeks. I finally gave up and harvested them. I’m not sure if they were fully formed to begin with and after a few weeks of drying, they started to look moldy. Now, they look like they might be fine. Can anyone help me out?

They are Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights.

I hope those pictures work.

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Hi @Cluz1babe

Let you nose be your guide. The smell of mold is unmistakable. I see some very dark spots on some of those buds, but you know pictures can be very misleading sometimes. I would let your nose be your guide.

I gotta caution you. If you try to ingest moldy bud you could become extremely ill.