Not sure if I have water Problems?

Does anyone know if these plants are over or under watered

Water test…stick finger in soil to second joint. Pull out…if soil is moist…good. If comes out totally dry…water.
Plants look green and glossy…but a little skinny and tall. Suggest you keep fully supported all the way.
Remember, if plant has to use resources to grow roots n support…it’s less leaf and bud for you.

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The first 2 pics were of some seeds I brought home from Colorado but can’t remember which kind it was. The second 2 are of a golden goat seed I brought home I know this one will go to late October maybe a little later. Neither hat been topped anywhere. Do you think topping a few would be a good idea to Bush them out and produce more top buds

My oppinion, no! They look very good and healthy green! But they might need some air wave from nature, lil ventilation! This can make your stem be/grow more thick and strong ! :wink: :sunny:

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She needs none topping for the moment! Let her grow alone for some good 7/8 days

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So your saying don’t top for another week?

Yes, come back then with new pics :yum: :kissing_heart:

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If you top them they will get bushier
They look healthy and happy tho
The leave can droop when early morning or late evening do they perk up mid day ?
Soil looks dry so if anything probably a lack of water not to much
Suggested finger test is good way judge in my experience in cloth pots watering is needed almost every day or other day when outdoors in the heat and sun
And the bigger the plant more watef it will use

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They do perk up in the day and seem to be growing bigger by the day and throwing new shoots and new bud positions. I did decide to top this evening. But only because the new growth besides the spots were already sprouting up so I figured the bud sites were already established. Thanks for the input and help. And HvtAna1988I’ll be sure to post pics as soon as I see progress from the topping

12 days after transplant white Widow autoflower

Sour diesel 12 days after transplant

Here is a link to the crops after the transplants and topping httaps://