Not sure how much longer I have on this durban poison

I have a durban poison in its 5th week of flower not sure by all I read I will.make it 11 weeks alot of the pistols seem to be amber. Does any body think this will be ready in 8 weeks. Im a first time grower and my last plant herm on me im just scared

You want to look at the trichomes not the pistols. Get yourself a jewelers loop to look.


Welcome aboard - plant looks good!

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A Jewelers loupe is essential cheap and takes all the guesswork out.Your plants look great, and every grow is different. 2 plants of the same strain can finish a couple weeks apart,and breeders times are based on optimal conditions. They’re at best rough estimates.Good luck!


Like @Weedlover1 said. My last 2 harvest took 12 1/2 and 13 weeks.

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