Not sure how far from harvesting/flushing I am

I am growing two white widow autoflowers outside in coco coir. The girls are getting super thirsty due to the heat and theyre drinking about 1/2 gallon per day. Been giving them the last of full strength bloom nutes (FF trio Grow Big, Tiger bloom, Big Bloom). One is about a week or two ahead of the other.

I just bought an electronic microscope and the trichomes seem to look milky white which should indicate I should begin flushing within the next few days to prep for a harvest in a week? Or is it possible I have a little more time than that?

I read that you could hold off flushing with coco until a week before harvest so I dont want to jump the gun on this. Any help?

Thanks in advance!

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@GBissi From the looks on the last pic there are a lot of white pistils i would say you have away’s to go. Are you looking at the trichomes on the sugar leaves or on the buds. The trichomes on the sugar leaves turn before the buds.


Still at least 6 weeks out.


Your plants look very healthy tho.
Good Job.
Suggest outside try not to get the plants wet when watering.
Bud rot will be your enemy very soon.


Thank you, it’s been a pain in the ass learning everything but super rewarding. This is my first grow. Will 60% humidity in hot sun be an issue for bud rot? I’m really good about not wetting them though.

Even for an autoflower?

Auto flower times are very similar to photos. They just go into flower faster. All the autos I’ve grown have gone 16 weeks.


@GBissi my last harvest a Blueberry auto went 13 weeks. ILGM description says 8 weeks from what i understand that’s under perfect conditions.


If thats the case, should I switch back to feeding them nutes every other watering? They have been getting fed the FF trio every watering. I vary the pH between a 6.1 to 6.4 and PPM usually arouond 1400-1800. They get a half gallon every day.

I figure that since its coco, I need to feed every time I water. They’re taking well to it but I thought I was further along the grow than I am.

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I would switch back to feeding. Let me tag some coco growers. @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Nicky @Not2SureYet

Coco tends to sequester salts; particularly calcium and magnesium. So first should be supplementing with cal mag.

This will nuke your plants. TDS should be more like 1,000 to 1,200 ppm (500 scale) with FF trio.

5.3 to 5.8 is where you want to be with coco.

Generally it’s feed/water/feed/water. You have to wet coco every day otherwise it becomes hydrophilic if dried out. Cal mag should be given at water-only days per package strength.

When hot, water-only more frequently. In other words instead of F/W/F/W do a F/W/W/F/W/W/F etc. Increased transpiration will also increase uptake of salts in coco and add to risk of nute burn.

Finally; you should be monitoring your runoff both TDS and PH to determine more exactly what to give your plant. Values I gave were for FF only. If in something like General Hydroponics would be 750 ppm.


Thank you!

I have been supplementing with Calmag in feed and water because I found coco to be a hog for it.

I will adjust my schedule to all this info! Appreciate it


If possible, water with purified water to about 20% runoff. Capture the last bit of that and measure for TDS and PH. Tag me when you do and I’ll explain.


I’ll tag you tomorrow when I water them :+1:t3:

I gave them each a half gallon of 5.7 pH water. This is the tail end of the runoff for the bigger one. Lmk what you think.

PPM 2300
pH: 6.15

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Just water only until numbers come down to proper range.

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What numbers should I be looking for in the runoff?

Also. This was the pH and TDS for the first bit of runoff

If your media exceeds the recommended input it’s time to either water until it drops below 1,200 ppm or you flush down to that value. Feed at no higher than 1,200 ppm with FF (using all three base nutes per schedule) and when runoff creeps above 1,200 do water only until it drops back down. Simple.


I’m sure others here will verify for sure. But you’re runoff is 93.2F? That seems awful high

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