Not sure about this (2leaves drooping)

White stuff is perlite and maybe some sodium from water no idea what would be munching as I have no pest issues.

Yeah, wait for someone who is more sure what’s going on, if anything. I know enough to know when I don’t know. LOL

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@Fever how often and how much water are you giving them she looks slightly over watered

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@Majiktoker Once every 4 days or so. Almost 1/2 gallon at a time. Pot was light yesterday so I watered and not much change today.

One thing I didn’t mention was I put holes in the bottom of all my pots for better ventilation. In doing so I used a drill and might have damaged some roots? It’s a long shot and I used the same method on all the other plants but I’m out of ideas.

I’ll let her dry out.

Let her dry out some if the problem doesn’t correct its self @ me and ill be back

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Over watering the leaves should recover to my knowledge

Ok I’m nervous @Majiktoker that stinky feet smell is back and it’s coming from the soil.

If it’s something serious I want to address it as fast as possible so I don’t want to wait. Could it be root rot? Or mold? It’s definitely the soil. How do I check? I was one person say “just make sure it’s not the soil as that would be bad” with no other explanation. Another person online had a similar experience let it dry out to the point of wilting and watered very little and it went away. It’s one of my best plants haaalp

Yup let it dry out thats a stagnant smell with lack of airflow and to much water let her dry out completely

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Ok @Majiktoker still letting her dry out still some (but not much) stagnant smell and new growth is happy old growth shows the droop

I haven’t watered her and she is getting lighter. I was thinking next water to do some hydrogen peroxide and milk in the water. But I defer to your suggestions.

Leave out the milk but maybe definitely do the peroxide all you need is a splash

So you aren’t that concerned? I have a stand by plant I can swap with but would rather not. @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 asking for second opinions but I tend to agree this is a root oxygen situation. Note the feet smell in previous posts.

@Fever I would hold off and do what majiktoker suggested
But they are your to do with what you please
I would hold off on getting rid of her and see what you can do with it bro
I saw earlier posts but once @Majiktoker was helping I figured your in great hands bro

Right. I really want it to be healthy before I put it in flower.

I under stand do you have another tent to move it too so you can move forward with the rest ?

Yes it that one will need to be vacated next month.

I have 2 plants in a closet (flowering auto and a Acapulco gold) doing 18/6

I have 4 plants in a tent doing 18/6. This is one of the 4.
I could bring the gold over to the tent and the one in the closet
Or I could just bring down this one to join the other 2 in the closet.
But the closet is not a permanent home :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok now the rest of the leaves are drooping because I need to water her. So I will do what @Majiktoker suggested and put a splash of h2o2 in with the water. I also just noticed a single leaf that looks troubled on this plant.

does this provide any new clues?

Ok put about a half to almost a tsp of h2o2 in the gallon of 6.55 ph calmag water. The original drooping leaves have not recovered btw but they aren’t worse either. There is plenty of new healthy growth on top and runoff was 6.24. I didn’t over water (took breaks while watering) but it took a long time to get runoff (she was dry) I also opened up the air holes even more.

I may say screw it and start her flowering next week. Thoughts?

If you water, light watering @Fever

I did light water @Majiktoker although she took a half gallon there was only a little runoff

@Majiktoker your calmness is what got me through this. I think I’m good!! You can sense I know what I’m doing and had all other basis covered and just kept me on the straight and narrow. The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure