Not starting flowering

Hello people. Sorry for bothering. My auto ww is 52 days old and she’s still not starting flowering. Am i doing something wrong? I don’t know what to do. Led light shedule is on about 20/4 because she’s auto strain. On this light i grew beautiful regular ww on 12/12 flowering time. Do i have to wait or what should i do? Thanks for advice.


You just have to wait. She’s an auto, so she’s gonna flower when she’s good and ready, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Be patient, I see some pistils, so she’s getting ready.


You can try switching your light schedule to 12/12 to see if that will kick start the flowering, but autos are just going to do their own thing. Looks like there are some pistils starting.

Good Luck @Nodriges :sunglasses:


Thanks :+1: is there any way that auto strain doesn’t flower?

I’ve never heard of that happening. It’s in her DNA to flower, so she will.

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Thanks for good information

It will flower, just be patient

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I agree with @MAXHeadRoom sometimes they need a push put in 12/12 to jumpstart her if you want. Alot of what people don’t understand about breeding, there are going to occasionally be some seeds that don’t present all the same phenos. It happens aND theres nothing that can be done anymore than than what our lovely seed bank does and offer a guarentee. But that’s just my opinion


Thanks, from today I’ll try 12/12 light shedule this days

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It’s very interesting for me. Now I’m learning Agro field, and for auto strain (luderalis) it’s my first time.


You’ll hear seedbanks advertise how fast their autos will flower. The truth is, an Auto will do what it wants, and mine have mostly gone 4-6 weeks before they flower and then 4-6 weeks in flower. They are faster than Photos, but they aren’t all speed demons that are ready for harvest in sixty days.

Thats why I’m nervous. She’s acting like regular strain. She’s 53 days old. And maybe now she’s starting flowering. I’m nervous because of Maybe I’m not doing something right🙁

From yesterday I’m trying 12/12 light shedule. Maybe it will fast her flowering.

Some of Lower leaves ar getting yellow. Is it normal?

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Yes its normal. Shes feeding off them & they die.

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Thanks for information

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The plant looks healthy, so just give her water and light, trim off any dead leaves. The neat thing about Autos is how tough and trouble free they are. Unlike Photos, after they flower they will start to die as the flowers ripen. It’s pretty easy to tell when the buds are ripe due to mostly yellow leaves and lots of red bud hairs. Anyway, the plant is fine, just be patient.

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Thanks :pray: I’m waiting for her

Sorry for my bad English. Trim off means cut off? Thanks

Yep, trim off the dead leaves so the plant doesn’t have to support them and so it can grow new ones.