Not so potent need advice

I’ve grown a few varieties indoors and outdoors. Gg4, Bruce, girl scout and godfather og. I’ve received beautiful buds. Nothing to brag about size wise but incredible smell and trichomes crystals everywhere. The potency is very weak and I don’t know what I’m going wrong.

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Indoor I use a 4x4 with 2 1500 watt LED King lights, Fox farm Happy frog soil and liquid nutrients followed exactly. Purified drink water, humidifier, LST, spider automatic controlled ventilation, timers for the lights and good pruning practices like lollipop and topping. The indoor buds aren’t anything to brag about size wise but very pretty. The outdoors smell for blocks away and we’re really sizable before the caterpillars attacked. But even between both in and outdoor the potency was very weak for a gorilla glue, Bruce banner, godfather OG and girl scout.

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All the strains you mentioned are pretty potent.
What temperature and humidity did you dry your buds at ?
What was your drying and curing process ?


The best suggestion I have:

The King LED is not a 1500 watt light. It is probably more like 100 watts each, which isn’t near enough to flower 4 plants.

I got a little torqued off at KindLED when I looked at their listing on Amazon. The seller claims in the title that the light is built with LM301 diodes. They are lying. As per King’s own website, it is built with Epistar “burple” LEDs. A 1500 watt light built with LM301 diodes would cost ~$1,500.

HLG, Mars Hydro, and HLG all legitimately use Samsung LM301 diodes. You need ~800 true watts to effectively flower 4 plants. You currently have ~200.


Could also be the timing of the harvest.


Are you making sure your trichomes are ready? Early harvest can have decreased potency, or even a racy, slightly headachy high.


Early harvest would definately make a difference in potency

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I do make sure the trichomes are ready. I push for 70 to 80% Amber with 30 to 20% milky white. I use a Jeweler’s loop with several different magnifications and light.

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Yeah those lights may be the issue they don’t put out very much do you have any pics of the Bud prior to harvest

@MidwestGuy hit it straight on: nowhere near enough light. This affects every facet of the plants’ life. Without adequate light it won’t uptake nutrients or grow dense flower.

This makes me nervous as I’ve seen new growers ‘lollipop’ the snot out of their plants. This is typically only done a week or so ahead of harvest. It serves no reason other than to make trim jail a shorter sentence.

Without pictures it’s impossible to know much about your grow.

Here is a Godfather OG photo: 28" tall from the ground and yields was a hair under 12 oz. I had one bud that weighed 41 grams dry.

These were grown under 200 watts of quality LED’s each.

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If those are the king 1500 blurple they claim 195 actual watts from wall take off some for the fans in them and you probably have 150 watt draw for the lights. Just like most the actual draw is 10 percent. That is 300 actual watts of light. So 75 watts per plant. I feel that should grow a decent bud.
Problem is those lights get hot. Heat will ripen trichomes premature and reduce potency especially if you are running 80% amber. Amber is a ripe stage at which trichomes start to deteriorate. Try shooting for more like 30% amber and see what you get. I grow awsome weed with 400 actual watts potent as hell and i grow 4 plants that burst the tent.
Although I do agree more light would help. I think your problem is heat and over ripening and drying and curing process.
Just my opinion with the info given. Which was not much. Especially if your plants are only 2.5 to 3 feet tall.

What do you recommend as a 1 light for 4x4 grows i use 3 10000 lumin shop lights my meter says im ok i daylight 6200 spectrum an i know you use watts im putting out well over 300 watts but i want huge bud an iv outgrown my lights ill use them to grow indoor veggys i dont want to run a 220 light 110 only led ?

I have found that I like versatility.
I have an sayhon SH4000 which is 400 watts in a 55x28x80 inch tent I have bought 7 SH2000 which are 200 watts apiece. I am going to put wall to wall lighting in that same tent. That will be 4 of them which will be 800 watts of power that will be more controlable. Not sure exactly how I an going to run them but I will have fun playing with them till I figure out what to do with them. Last time I ran 800 watts in that tent I harvested over a pound and a half of dried cured buds. So many trichomes the n uds were white. The sh4000 is producing nice buds but only getting a pound of bud I want 2 pounds so more light smaller pots 21\2 gallon fabric. It may be worth mentioning I keep my plants around 21/2 to 3 feet tall seemes to produce more and heavier buds than when I grow them taller. Also less stress with the smaller pots. They dry out faster so I can feed more nutes more efficiently and effectively.

Don’t worry about the leaf tips I’m pushing them hard. 5 weeks in flower now. It is 3 aculpoco gold so they will run 9 to 12 weeks of flower I’ve grown a lot of it. One of the wifes favorite for pain and high. The 4th one is hellfire og I know nothing about it 1st time. There is also an unknown in the corner might be mimosa that was goiing to get thrown out I thought oh what the hec it is in a 1 gallon pot and the way I take care of thhe thing it’s lucky to be alive. Trust me every time I look at it I kind of chuckle and say how are you living.

Be cool puff puff don’t pass.
Sorry for the ramble but people on here that know me probably say oh no this is gonna take forever when they see my post.
Hope someone sees something helpful.
This is how I do things and it may be only me. Dam I’m in a good mood today.

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Maybe I could have mentioned I woud go with 4 sh2000 per plant. Would really like to say wall to wall sh4000 4 of them in a 4x4 shazam. But thet would be pricey. So 4 of the 2000s and 4 to six plants 2 and a half feet tall. Once out of seedling stage veg 1 to 2 weeks top go another 1 or 2 top and flip to 12/12 two days later. Thats how I did those above.

Reverse that and you’re golden. 20-30% amber and the rest milky will give you a good high. I totally agree with @MidwestGuy, while we know you can grow bud, better lighting will greatly improve your harvest/quality. I have two HLG 300L R-spec in my 4x4 with two photos inside. In my 4x2 auto tent, I’m running a ChilLED Tech X3, very nice light, stays cool since the driver is outside the tent. My HLG’s have the driver on top of the light and it heats up the tent somewhat, but managable.

This may be the root of the issue. This ratio has turned to a majority of CBD instead of THC. Aim for majority milky trichs next time. I’ve grown out each of the strains you mentioned and there are all crowd pleasers. I feel your just missing the appropriate harvest window.