Not so good vs Good vs Very Good yields

Yesterday I trimmed the last of the dried buds to go in to the mason jar with a mini hydrometer. This was my first grow, California Dream fem seeds from ILGM, grown in a 2.4’x2.4’ Mars Hydro tent. I did a lot of reading and I have to say a big “Thank You” to those of you who post your comments and recommendations.

My approach was that if I can grow bumper crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants then I should be able to grow what is basically a weed.

Maybe it was beginner’s luck combined with all of the useful pointers, as I didn’t have many hiccups along the way except for plants getting too tall inside the tent. After some adjustments to the LED lightbox I was able to add a bit more headroom so tops of plants didn’t get scorched. (Didn’t receive the scrogg nets in time for this first grow.).

The upper buds ripened faster so I harvested the two plants in 3 stages-top, middle and lower, which actually allowed lower buds to fatten.

My question is what is considered a good yield vs bad? There are differing opinions on the subject which adds to the confusion.

I recently read an article by a commercial grower who journals his home grown for personal use. He had two plants grown in a larger tent than mine but he pointed out that growing in tents still limits full potential of plant growth. He reported 66 grams and 67 grams using dry weight, and further commented this was a pretty decent yield.

The combined yield for my two was 136.61 grams/4.82 oz. I can attest that what I have been curing so far is pretty darn good stuff. I’ll take quality over quantity any day but I’m still curious if this would be a decent quantitative yield.


I’d say a QP out of a 30”x30” space is a good showing. Especially if you’re growing organic in soil.

I have a 3x5’ tent and I most recently pulled 14oz (dried) of top quality flower and about another 900g of smaller flowers that were fresh frozen to be hashed. I’m not running the hash til later this coming week but I’m expecting 2-3oz of bubble hash. So In total a bit over a pound. I grow organic in soil.

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Not a bad yield !!in dirt?? My closet is 6 ft long by 2 1/2 feet wide my last run was 6autos just over Lb. Dry . quality tops!!

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I grew in one “Original” Earthbox using Fox Farms Ocean Forest mixed with small amounts of peat moss, garden lime, composted cow manure, and blood meal mix on. The top fertilizer was an all purpose slow release 10-10-10. Each plant was fed small amount of diluted Recharge every 2 weeks.

Do you guys have picture of your plants in your tents so I can judge I have a 4 x4 and it’s pretty stacked so I’m kinda curious my tent


Looks great!! Way to fill your space👍!! Here’s mine week 9

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Also in a 4x4

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All these packed 4x4 tents are making me reevaluate having 4 plants in one :rofl: gonna need a bigger tent

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4 plants in less then 3x3 that would be rough even with autos I’m doing 8 autos in a 4x4 and the sheer amount of mixing of nutes eats up an hour every feeding. I’ve never grown photos but I’d expect 5 ounces a plant to be a good harvest. With autos 4 Oz is great 3 Oz is good and 2 Oz is runty. Think about upgrading your light to a rspec and switching to coco coir. Here’s my last organic grow group pic half of them are hanging drying now.

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This is four autos I’d really say for the best results 2 or 3 autos would be better in a 4x4 maintaining 72 degrees and 40 percent humidity will h a full canopy is ruff no space !!!