Not really a "topic" but more of a 1st time grow journal

Its 73°, 73% humidity in there right now…pretty typical atmosphere as light is 24/0… I feel once it is 18/6 not only will the lighting but also the temps mimic natural settings

overhead shot of the tent… pics suck, the outside glass on my phones camera is busted so cant get great pics

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these are the first two plants


The middle one is too small for my crappy camera to really pick up very well but still growing I think

In the overhead pic the two on the right are the oldest two, the bottom left is the middle one and the other two are waiting for what’s in the two cups.

Lol guess i could put the “middle one” in the middle…

Lol well after seeing someones pic of what they said is a 2 week old plant i guess mine doesn’t look good…but oh well still intrigued as to how this grow will go :man_shrugging:

You can’t compare plants by age You’ll have plants next to each other and they’ll grow so different even if they’re the same strain watered the same fed the same and one will be sickly the other a monster


Hi, @JamJam! We have the same brand of led light. I’m set to watch your grow. Wishing you luck

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@MeEasy yeah ive come to understand you have to read the plants but i was just saying it cuz this ladies plant was leaves on top of leaves on top of leaves and supposedly at 2 weeks…not judging mine to the point of not wanting them thats for sure ha. and @Brobdab right on thanks yo! it looks and seems like a nice light but i will be adding more nonetheless soon.


Google VPD to understand what I’m talking about. Good luck on your grow. I won’t be back to this journal.

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That was pretty good info thanks …according to that math i am at 7.91 hectopascals when its around 77degrees which looked like prime territory on the chart and it should be around 5.49 hectopascals when its closer to 65degrees (when lights are off) which is right at the edge but still ok i think. Those figures are based off 75% rh. Thanks for the brief visit to my humble first grow journal @blackthumbbetty take care

7.91 is actually prime territory all the way up past 90 degrees although i hope to not get it that warm in there …have to see what happens when the second light is in there i guess

4 and 5 are now poking through the dirt WHOOP WHOOP… they are roughly 2 weeks behind the first 2 and about a week behind the middle one


Im wondering if it might not matter though, i read today that autos will flower with other autos …guess ill find out ha

@GreenSnek maybe i should just tag ya over here and not on someone elses stuff… thanks for the input it is always welcome!!

Yea that happened to me my 2nd grow my youngest blue dream was growing fast and should ve been my biggest but then my green crack went into flower and suddenly everyone was in flower at the same time oh well still got a great ounce out of her


Nice…im hoping these gorilla glue autos do well…especially for a first grow

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All 5 are the same just about a week apart so might not make much of a difference anyway if they “trigger” each other …not gonna lie i am definitely hoping for the middle to higher end of the supposed yield potential for each one but that is probably awfully optimistic lol…guess we’ll see

I now spend my days trying to soak up as much information and techniques as i can and try to apply what i am able to