Not real sure what’s next

Ha - evidence that even humble experts still learn while they disseminate their accumulated knowledge :teacher:


If I dont learn something every day, I am not trying hard enough. I have a grow starting up if you want to follow along. I will tag you in if you want to follow along and maybe give some pointers.

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Ah man I was thinking bout same have small ones was gon use wasn’t sure I should have been sitting outside so long

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Wash them off and use them. No harm.


Tag me along, I just started one myself. An OG kush.

I gotcha. @Dexterado

If meant to me absolutely sir!!!


How long after pistils have formed to use nutes have FF trio should I start when flower production actually starts? girlies are in ffof, ffhf, & perilite mix? At this point only big bloom & tiger is grow big still also necessary or just not very much?. Slightly tied dwn a bit light penetration. Didn’t really try lst first timer dnt want ruin something

Smallest tall one lower right has about 1/4” pistils mostly upper half rest aren’t bad almost 1/8” but not as many

So would this be end week 3?

Smallest tall one lower right has 1/4” pistils mainly upper half; rest girlies bout1/8”

That’s what I sort of did early on read random threads to increase my general knowledge.

Dor when to start nutes, I give 50% starting when the leaves stretch well past both sides of the container.

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