Not one sign of any buds, never produced any flowers

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I ordered big bud/ak47/nL my big bud grew 2 ft and not one sign of any buds. Just planted AK 47 looks like the big bud that never produced any flowers. The only one that flowered out of the three was the northern lights. Don’t know why or what happened please let me know what happened.”

Are they autoflowers if not you’ll have to trigger the flowering on your own by decreasing light cycle to 12/12

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Not a lot of information on this? What lights were they under and what was the wattage? Were there any problems durring the grow. How old were the plants.

they were fem led 600 watts no problem with the grow just didn’t produce flowers. My northern lights grew at the same time and where great the plants were roughly 30 days

Drop the light cycle to 12/12 thats why they haven’t flowered


You have to drop the light from bein in durring the “spring/summer” to the fall to make the plants think that winter is coming and they will produce flowers. As toker said drop lights to 12/12 and in a week or 2 you should start to see them appear. Also do some reading and have some basic understanding of how the plant grows.

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Personally It annoys me when staff have to ask such questions. For one not enough info, for two why the duck isn’t the person saying if it’s auto or from one of the most basic things the top growers need to know! Frustrating. Tell this noob to sign up, I’m also a noob and they got me through big bushy veg stage.


at 2foot tall that aint an auto lol… unless its outside ofcourse :wink: them lil sweethearts will trip before making it to 12inch’s in height… 12/12 lighting needed

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@djhost1 let us know on the light cycle you’re on.

12 12 cycle and they are feminized

If they aren’t flowering there maybe a light timer malfunction turning your lights back on when you don’t see it.

How about some pictures of your plants? @djhost1

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You tube grow pot cheaply autoflower :wink:

You need to have the light cycle at 12 hours ON and 12 hours OFF for at least 4 weeks before you’ll see “buds”. I guarantee that if you bought seeds from ILGM that were described as feminized, than you definitely 100% got feminized seeds.



Every company makes amistake eventually dude, although I’ve never really heard bad things about ilgm so 99.9% your right

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Yes more info