Not my month for seeds

Had seeds replaced twice for not sprouting without issue. Tried 3 of the replacement seed and no sprout but been trying some experiments with suggestions from members here and on the other side and I got 7 of 7 with one way and 6 of 8 with the other way so happy and after this grow cannot wait to try the techniques.

Now I just ordered 10+10 on the Blueberry fem sale a week or so ago. USPS says delivered in mailbox Monday. They were not there. I have gone through the trash can in 100°+ temps to see if it got thrown out but no luck. I would not wish 100°+ trash search on anyone. Today was trash pick up day so it is a week old. I got the trash kept back before pickup to search when I got home today so now I have another week to cook it out front :poop:

I am in email with ILGM to see what happens when USPS says they delivered it but I do not have it. I am paranoid if it went to a neighbor they opened it and …busted! Its been 4 days already so probably not. Anyway frustrating!!!

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I had seeds from another vendor confiscated at the border. Received a letter from the dept of agriculture stating they confiscated my cannabis seeds. No repercussions 5 months later.

You will be fine!


talk to your mail carrier. mine has put my new dl and important bills in neighbors box.
he understands better now.
try a new address that can be trusted.


ILGM is sending out new ones. I have had 5 or 6 deliveries so far no problems. I just dont get the USPS saying delivered and I was here and got the mail and it was not there. Just made me paranoid that a neighbor got them opened them before realizing it was not theirs and then realizing what they were.

I do have a UPS Store where I work and USPS delivers there too. So long as no one knows whats in it I may use the work address.

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The second shipment of 20 BlueBerry fems arrived today. Still a mystery on the first order and no strangers knocking on my door yet :neutral_face: