Not much flavor or smell after drying

after harvest and drying my buds are just that… dry… there is no stickiness to them at all…after they cured the smell is ok but not real strong and the flavor is pretty weak… what the hell? it wasnt real humid around harvest… buds are covered in crystals but they just arent sticky…

It usually gets better after curing in jars, the longer the better. But b sure to burp the jars for the 1st week or 2 once a day for 5-10 min.


yeah, i did… its been a month since harvest… it does the job really good but it lacks in flavor and aroma. why is it bone dry? lacks appeal when showing it…

How did you dry? Did you hang the whole plant? Branches? Individual buds? It sounds like maybe it dried too fast, but I’m just guessing.


What strain?

Bag seed?

Send me your weed I’ll test it for you. :wink:

Seriously though, how did you dry it? How are you storing it? Do you have any idea what the humidity is in the container where you are storing them? If not, can you find out?

Do your buds crumble to the touch? If you grind them, are they powdery and still lack any “weed” smell?


i hung like 10-12" section in a box with vents then moved to paper bags after 4-5 days…then into jars after 3-4 more days. they did go from real wet to pretty dry quickly though…

White Russian and pebbles…seed

lol. u send me some so i can compare! dried in a box then to paper bags then to glass jars. they were crumbly after paper bags, kinda evened out after curing in jars but not much smell…in a plastic baggie, the plastic smell overwhelms the bud…the humidity inside the jars is about 50%. thats now… not sure as it cured…

You have any live plants growing? I would consider taking a healthy fan leaf and placing it in one of your jars, or purchasing some Boveda 58s to place in the jars, see if you can rehydrate a little. You’d like closer to 60% in the jars.


That’s about what I typically do. Do you have a hygrometer in the box you dried in? What is the humidity inside the box? You want around 45-55% for best results. Maybe make the vents smaller next go round. Also make sure it doesn’t get too warm, or terpenes will begin to ‘cook’ off.