Not looking great

2 pics of 2 different seedling, both fruity pebbles and both planted the same day.
Both using FFHF and organic soil mix.
Had to uncover number 2(Wilma), while number 1 (Betty) poped up looking great on her own. What should I do with Wilma, or just let her be?
They are domed, just removed for pic.



Thanks for any info

Looks like your over watering.

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I haven’t fully watered yet, I have just been using a sprayer to wet the top soil. I see in the pic it does look pretty wet though. I just sprayed it prior to taking that pic. @SKORPION

pic from right now. The leaves seem to be facing down?

Ok I spray twice at the base, twice a day and two more in the dome.

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Put a clear solo cup over them to make a dome. They don’t have much for root systems yet so they’re going to pull their water out of the air. Spray the inside of the cup and cover them. Should bring their humidity up to 90-100%

Edit: sorry, missed the part where you said they were domed. I’d discontinue watering the soil.


Dont spray, water sparingly in a circle an inch away and dont get water on the plant! If you are at room temp you can most likely remove the dome in favor of better transpiration. If you have a small table fan, indirectly aim it so the seedlings wiggle around a tad and keep your light close enough to prevent leggy plants…
The only exception to not getting water on the plant is if the seed husk is stubborn a couple drops on it a few times a day will help soften it and the plant should chuck it on its own. Consider the drops watering!


Well to each their own.

Do as you like but you can get damping off if you arent careful. The other reason to water away from the stem is to promote root spread. This makes a stable, strong rootmass that increase area very fast for increased nutritional uptake.
And yes, @BobbyDigital is also right but my preference is no dome for a couple reasons, the first being poor light transmission it can cause legginess. The second is poor air exchange and finaly its hard to promote stem strength without air movement. The cannabis plant can be grown in quite arid climates with no ill effects. Afghanistan is a perfect example.


See I prefer a dome because seedlings draw moisture thru saves while roots develop. Never had a stem strength problem.

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like I said its ok to do as you like. Everyone has their technique. This one works every time for me without fail. I never dome anything that aint a clone. Domes are ok, just not my thing.


@Cannabian brings up a valid point with the air exchange. That’s why is is helpful to add holes to your dome. Much like you do for drainage. It allows for stagnant air to escape.


Im not trying to be in conflict with you here, I grow stellar weed. My plants bang of 12 foot cielings every year! I wont give you bad advice.

For instance, this Balkhi is growing at over an inch a day now. It will be 12 feet tall by November and produce no less than a pound of dope! Hopefully killer dope!


I get it I just try to give advice that varies on conditions I mean I struggled with humidity control , without a dome my seedlings would have not made it. So when I advise I take into consideration those unknowns. But like I said to each there own.

So, I have a humidifier running in my grow room, and 2 fans, one in my tent for exhaust, one oscillating to blow gently on my plants. I have heard a lot of people saying dome is the way to go, and I like the idea of holes for air circulation. I am sure there are arguments for not doming as well, I think I will keep the dome and put a few air holes in it.

My main concern though, is Wilma ok the way she is, or is there something I should be doing for the down turned leaves?

The top down image of Wilma is a bit hard to see what she is doing? She may just be waiting to stand up? Have the first true leaves emerged yet?

Yes, but they are facing down, so it is hard to picture properly. She was stuck under a chunk of dirt, so when she did not pop up like her sister, I moved the dirt and found her like that.

Form the pic it just looks like she’s unfurling. She may have some membrane stuck to her preventing the cots from opening.

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a little easier to see, sorry it’s hard to get it properly.

And I moved to root riot, I was trying to use just dirt but after she fell over I gave in.