Not growing, seems stalled

my cheese autoflower germinated great, was a little slow to poke through soil, now seems to have stalled. havent had this happen before. seed is from growers choice. anything I should do? temp is between 72 and 75. humidity shows as about 68 right now. 1000w led a 18 to 24 in away.

any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Are you pH testing your water?

yes, 6.5

Soil looks really wet. They pop up fast but they will stall while making roots. Without the roots it won’t get nutes to grow. It’s normal


I just gave it some fresh water before I took pic. ok I will give it time. just didnt want to lose it.

Agree with @Painfree, soil looks real wet even for just watering. Let her dry out so she’ll send her roots looking for water. Dome her and mist the dome and let her get the water she wants that way.


I’ll have to see what I can find for a dome. any suggestions, it’s just a standard solo cup right now with drainage holes and slits for air.

Just cut a water bottle and use it

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that’s too simple lol. I’ll do that now.

thank you.

should I put any holes in bottle?

No. Helps keep humidity up.

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From this point until transplant I would strongly suggest you simply mist the inside of the dome to provide all of the moisture the seedling needs. Remember there is no root at all; the plant derives it’s moisture from the leaves so watering the soil does nothing but slow down root development. The other thing to consider is the seedling has everything in the way of food it needs until it has developed into a plant. No fertilizer or anything as you risk burning and stalling out the plant.


I dont use any fertilizer til week 3 usually. the seed was started in a root riot cube, should I pull the cube and move it to dry soil?

How long ago did you put cube into cup? I agree with the others here, probably just getting acclimated and starting root growth. Looks really wet too.

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I put cube in cup 4 or 5 days ago

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I bet she will start growing as soon as it dries out a little.

exactly what i was gonna say. She’s just rooting. In a few days top growth will resume and she’ll be on a roll

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What Myfriendis410 said is worth considering.

Only suggestions I offer : use 9 oz clear cups…one for the seed/soil with drain holes…one for a humidity dome. This will allow you to monitor the roots growth. Mist the top cup to give the new hatchling the moisture it needs to grow.

great, I will try this got 4 seeds in paper towel now.

here are my new seeds, is this what you were suggesting. I have seed starter soil and then seed is actually in root riot cube at the top. should dome tops have hole for vent or no. guess pics didnt save. will update later