Not grow related, but can anyone identify this bug

Hitched a ride on me this morning near my compost pile. For reference about 1/2" across the longest legs(?).

Possibly a weird ass spider

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Definitely looks like that Misumena vatia in the 2nd link on the left. Thanks, @Mark0427!

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When u take a pic. Go to ur gallery open the pic select the 3 dots then hit google image itll send that image to ur google bar and give u close ideas or exact. Google search is awesome lol

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Crap, too late
I was gonna say crab spider, but @Mark0427 is to quick with the (more specific) ID


Dude that thing looks like it just came from the waters not a compost pile lol.

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Geez looks like that freaking head crab from Alien



Exactly why I posted it! :open_mouth:

I guess my phone doesn’t have that option :woozy_face:

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It should. If it is smart phone it should. Go to the share option then if not 3 dots. The plane looking deal and should have google search icon. So if u click on a pic hit the share pic option instead of messages or fb or ig ect select google search and it will put ur pic on google search option. Im most positive bthe phone has the option just to find it under the share area

Oops might be under google image not google search

Yeah maybe I’m dim but not finding anything like that either

I might have missed something though