Not good lights

My buddy wanted to start growing . He just sent me pic of the lights hes gonna use . personnely i would stay clear of these. Excess heat , stretching and just wont cut it. But im no pro and he wants to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about. Trust me i know these lights will do more harm then good. He wants to use 5 of them received_1662810473776993
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@Bman88900 maybe for supplemental lighting, but not full on grow. Your friend will want to invest in LED or HID


Thanks for the response. Sorry forgot to tag ya

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Yep. I think cfl’s are better option than those, and that would be bare minimum.


I agree with the boys here
Maybe as germination light or supplemental but definitely not for the main lights
Even in a budget you can get a inexpensive 300 led on amazon that will out perform those by leaps and bounds you can get a decent light fir 60-80$


Yeap, I agree with the others