Not going to flower?

All of my Amnesia Haze plants are in some stage of flowering, around day 70 from seeds. One of my plants is absolutely huge, with fat fan leaves on it. I’m suspecting it might be a different strain? It’s my only plant that has not started the flowering stage yet. I’ve been feeding with the Big Bloom stuff from foxfarm weekly. Any tips to get her to flower? She keeps growing like 3 inches everyday too. Thank you!


@Seraphina you may want to try to keep posts together. Sucks to have to chase info all over the place when you need it. But its a totally diff issue so I can understand.

Is this plant outside? If so what general area are you in? Perhaps the light hours just havent gotten short enough to trigger flower.

Some strains will flip mid July. Some late August. Some (autos) can flip in May.


I’m in the east coast area, and growing outside in a homemade greenhouse. It’s still mid July so our days are a little long, but all the other plants are flowering. I’m thinking I have a different strain that made its way in, you think that’s the case? I have 9/10 flowering right now, and 8 newbies in veg right now.


Maybe just a different pheno. Sometimes you get different looking babies.

Me and my brother have same mom same dad. Im 6’5. He’s 5’8. Lol


@Seraphina im on east coast and none of my plants have started flowering yet.

Looking at daylight hours I’d expect them to start last week July or first week august

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I honestly couldn’t answer your question, but would mention PurpNGold74 gives good advice. Also mainly posted because i wanted to say that’s a neat name :slight_smile: