Not flowering white widow auto

So i think I’m about day 47 from planting my sead. Its a ilgm white widow auto. I’m using cyco perl coco and feeding with growrite a+b. Well my problem is shes getting big. Hasn’t really had her stretch and isn’t showing signs of flower. I’m using a sf1000 light at 18/6 my temps are around the 24°c mark and at this stage rh is around 50-60%.

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I have the same problem right now with the same seed so I’ve changed it manually to 12-12 also adding some bloom to feedings to see if it will kickstart it. Best of luck to you.


Thanks. Yeah I might do. She is showing pistols. Once you go 1212 can you go back to 186 or will it veg out again

@Farmerwantsapound Welcome to the community nice plant I would cut the light scheduled to 12 /12 to finish the plant and that will encourage flowering.sometimes you get a stubborn one .The positive side you are going to have a big plant.

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Thanks. Yeah it’s funny if anyone sees it it doesn’t look overly large but when you realise how its lst it then makes you think What it could be like after the stretch.

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Out of curiosity whose the breeder?

I love growing marijuana

Yeah it’s going to double size ,should have a real nice yield.

Hopefully. My last one the buds didn’t fatten up so I’ll have to smash them with pk. I added some bloom nutes to my feed today and it seams a little hairier. Also grew 2 inches towards my light

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After flipping to 12/12 light schedule usually takes them 7 to 10 days to flower. Your plant looks like it’s just starting to flower. Plant looks healthy

Wait, aren’t we in the autoflower area? Auto’s don’t care about light schedules. What am I missing here?

I think it depends on how far they are bread with ruderals. I’m not 100%

Autos can at times get “stuck” in a photo behavior depending on the genetics. Therefore, a 12/12 can help “force” the flowering to begin. You cannot go back to veg with autos; once they begin, you’re off to the races!

Your plant looks great! See pistils growing. Stay vigilant but don’t smother.

Continued success growing!

I’m pretty sure she is stretching now.

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Just an update. Still stretching but no flower

She was showing pistils. That’s a “preflower” for autos.
From there they start getting covered in pistils and then they’ll stretch and buds will start forming. At first it seems slow, then you’ll wake up one day and they’ll seem to have doubled in size and that the week they’ll grow fast and be getting close to harvest. At least in my own experience. Although that wasn’t with ilgm seeds. But my ak47 seeds and zkittlez seeds from ilgm are both doing that exact same thing. Be patient. It’s not always as fast as it says on the site. And sometimes its faster. Autos do their own thing.

Cool. Its my 3rd auto and second one doing this strain. Definitely alot to learn and I think my large pot could be something to do with the slow growth

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Massive plant! Can see the pistils as @Shaggy mentioned.

Keep up the good work.

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It can have to do with a lot. What’s your medium? What’s your ph going in and coming out? Giving nutes? Lots of things can cause her to slow down. But it could also just be you being anxious. Makes a week feel like a month.

Cyco coco pearl. Using growrite products. I’ve tried my hardest to not over water. Also tried to keep it to a vpd scale as best I could