Not even Paul Bunyan's mighty axe could dent this stem


but three 6mm. holes with wooden dowels stuffed in them did, just too thick to slice with a knife One week from harvest.


I had to drill mine, then hammered a chopstick into it! I’d show you a pic but lights are off at moment


Nice job my friend, little Paul looks exhausted, or he somked on some of your stash @DieHigh55 .


Same thing with my Skywalker ! I drilled hole with a drill that was bigger than peg for the stem and still had to drive it in with a hammer. I would not have even tried to do it with a knife, it would likely have ended up with me in the E.R. getting sewed up ! !


What is the purpose of this


Puts stress on the plant the last week before harvest, boost resin production


Does it work cause everything I’ve read said is does more harm than good. And its basically a myth


Seems to be a tried and true method.


Yeah, he was hackin’ away, got fed up and decided to get high with Babe instead. Smart decision, I’d say.


Well like I said everything I’ve read has pointed against it but if it works for you guys that’s awesome


Like most things online regarding growing Marijuana, there are “schools of thought” which do battle constantly. Frankly, you can find arguments for and against watering your plants. Period. It’s silly. If you have even the slightest skill at “growing things” then common sense is your best friend.

I personally have not researched it that much but to me, common sense wise, it makes sense.


I only have my personal experience and some that have said it works. I did it to my Skywalker OG and it looks like someone was sprinkling confectioners sugar over my buds.

As @Nug-bug said, the stress it puts on the plant seems to have a definite effect on the trichomes. The science behind it, as I read in a article written by a well known grower, is that the plant produces trichomes to protect the plant in times of trauma. It does it in response to other traumas such as cold and bug trauma. This is a proven science fact per the writer. I did not check the resources but it has too many positive responses to ignore.

If it makes my plants better, I have no reason to doubt it. Jerry :us::man_farmer:


Haha my last plant I had to use a 3/8 paddle bit. My stalk was 1.5 in wide


The stem on my wwa is about 2.5-3" thick


That’s what strain got so big for me too.


She’s going on 6 months old. 100 days flower


Holy cow!!! After 100 days does she got good weight on her


They are weird plants my first was done after 70 days from seed my 2nd just started week 6 of flower and looks like she still has 4 or 5 weeks mabey longer


I had to cut half of it down about a week ago because it was starting to get bud rot. I had to many colas, couldn’t get air through there. But I got three ounces off that. Now that I cut half down, the rest exploded in growth. I’ll probably get another 3-4 more ounces off the rest


Yea I got 4 Oz of smokable buds and 2 Oz of popcorn and trim. For a auto I was happy