Not even close to harvest and I got rot!

I’ve probably got till the end of October minimum. What do I do to prevent having to harvest early? I know to cut it out but its not worth it to me to just watch tops going left to right. Does anybody know of any prevention? I’ve got a cover on them but it drips condensation on it should I take the cover off? Its gonna rain for a week then stop for a week starting tomorrow.


I had a similar problem. I covered mine up until the rain stopped. The frost hit but they were covered. I left the cover on for a few days I took it off today because sunny and 60-70 during day and 50s and high 40s at night for the next week. I had the condensation too I opened up the cover a bit and that seemed to help. If you can keep cover on during rain and make sure ventilation is good I think you’d be okay. When rain is over and sun comes out get them in the sun. I also shook the heck out of them when they got wet in any way, condensation or rain. Hope this helps a bit

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Once Bud rot hits nothing you can do and I repeat once it hit there is nothing you can do
U MUST cut out all of the brown spots and all of above that spot below it to the sides, and you can prevent it from spreading …but once it hits its there!! it’s because of the buds are so dense when the “condensation” ( it’s a natural product of the weather there’s nothing we can do to prevent it, September October the Dew hits) but that condensation gets deep deep down in those buds and it rots From the Inside Out… you can’t see it until it’s too late …it’s a form of mold…there’s nothing you can do to stop it ONCE ITS IN YOUR GARDEN…you can TRY to cover your girls, and hope that moisture doesn’t get in the buds… the most heartbreaking part is Bud rot hits the thickest part of the bud so every top is going to be affected. I spent yesterday cutting everything down and hanging it full plants in my drying shed, AFTER I cut every brown spot out oh, it is unreal how much of my girls were affected, but I’m still going to use it I’m going to dry it I’m going to grind it and I’m going to make topical pain cream, I’ve used the bud rot buds in the past some of them I should say because some of them get so bad they’re just like dust others it’s just still has green mixed in with the brown

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Yep agree with the others. Applying hydrogen peroxide helps, but it’s not a guarantee.

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You have to keep them as dry as possible, but as stated air flow is a must! Need to cut all the rot out as you said, as soon as you see it.