Not enough nutes, faded too fast?

My cbd auto flower looks really faded with most yellow or brown leaves now. I’ve been waiting for cloudy n tiny bit of amber trichomes but just not seeing it. My question is, when your plant is this faded to just harvest anyway? Take a look at plant below n trichome pic is from top maid bud. Look all clear to me, but what are thoughts on what do? It’s somewhere between 8-10 weeks flowering

Try to grab a couple clear pics from various buds. Deeper calyxes if you can. Cool looking little monster

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I can but it’s NOT a problem every single leaf if brown or yellow except the buds themselves???

Make sure you’re checking the bud and not the leaves which usually is in reverse with trichome color. How old is the auto and like @Underthestairs said try a clearer pic is several bud sites :love_you_gesture:

It’s not preferred to have all the leaves burnt up, but you’re already there and can’t fix that. It’ll make trimming a breeze though

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The pic is the bud, if I took any pics of the leaves it would be obvious bc they are ALL brown. So I take it it’s ok then that it starved all the leaves to yellow or brown n I can just keep it going? I have no clue how it still grows when there is no green leaves left to take in light

Any ph and TDS numbers??? Could she be locked out and eating herself???

Its probably a lack of nutrients. And this has been going on for a long now. Its to late for the plant to recover. Chalk it up as a hard lesson learned. :+1::+1::+1:

Reducing the amount of time your lights are on may help to hurry her along a bit

Well here are a couple more pics. So what’s the consensus? Harvest or leave as is just watering a while longer?

@Underthestairs @MrPeat @OGIncognito

@Odaharry Here is what I would do. I would take one of the small popcorn sized nugs off the bottom. Put in the microwave on high for 1 minute. Grind it and smoke it. I know it sounds ghetto but you will know exactly how the high is and if its where you want it to be.

I see some white pistils at the top. So if it isn’t ready, it soon will be. :+1::+1::+1:


I’ve never tried the microwave but about 35 minutes in my oven at 175 (lowest it goes) with the door open ha dried then enough to sample. @MrPeat is dead on what I’d do to see


For a small popcorn nug, that is way to long and expensive. But to each their own. Glad it works. :+1::+1::+1:

I read the microwave trick here.

I feel that. But I hate microwaves. I don’t put things I eat in them either

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That is the only way I use s microwave and maybe twice in one year if I am lucky. I don’t do left overs.

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It looks over done. Cut it and hang upside down as a whole to dry.
And don’t put weed in the microwave.

Ya the plant itself is but the trichomes aren’t :neutral_face: