Not enough light or not enough patience?

Tied down 4 days ago and have seen very little progress. This is only my 4th plant but the other 3 just really grew rapidly during this stage. It is a strawberry banana auto seedsmans.
The ppfd is 470 and the DLI is 31. as for the clawing I have no idea. It has done that since it sprouted. I checked runoff a week ago and it was at 1100. its 5 weeks old in fox farm ocean forest. I did add some Dr. earth pure gold and worm casting to it yesterday.
This is also first time ive grown during the winter and my temps indoor even have been about 7 degrees lower than my other grows if thats possibly a factor. tent stays about 76F 40%RH. I may just be comparing her to last grows and need to be patient. All seeds are different I guess. Thanks all

I would say your seeing slow growth due to the VPD being a bit off. In my veg tent now i like to keep it 76-78 degrees and about 60-65% rh. If your wanting to see some stretch then just raise your light up a bit but i would say a touch of patience would also help lol


thank you for your time and advice. Ill run my humidifier and get my RH up a bit. I would like to see her stretch a bit more so ill also raise light some. Thanks again


No problem man! Glad to be of assistance! My veg tent is like that too right now kinda all tight and smashed together looking as i was keeping my light about 1 ft away and light intensity probably too high so i raised it up to 20 inches away last night to induce some stretching

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