Not changing the light schedule for flowering stage


what would happen if the lights stayed on for 24 hours during the flower stage,


a whole list of things could happen @cook7200
elaborate please…
did you leave it on 24hrs for one day?


Unless they’re autoflowers, they won’t flower under constant light. They might eventually try, but they wouldn’t be worth anything.


I’m doing an indoor winter grow. It has gotten cold at night. The space heater I’m using isn’t strong enough to keep temps above 65 f.
I could turn lights on at 4 PM and go dark at 4 AM. Sun doesn’t come up until 6:30 AM, I still would be concerned that 2.5 hours. The room is in a metal building. I built a wood framed room in the building. 2 full season plants and 1 ww af. Another option is a LP
Heater placed in front of input fan (outside growroom) and run it during dark time. I remember one of the first things I change on my second grow was switching to 12/12 schedule. The plants responded greatly, I learn with each new grow. This building does not have electricity so I run 12guage cord to power room. The heater above a low setting Pops breakers.
So that’s the situation in a nutshell. Thanks for the help.


Place heater in room it will be able to recycle some of the wamer air to heat and maintain heat
also slow your exhaust fan down if you have a speed controller if not maybe getting one is a good idea
Do you have passive vents available if so you could turn intake fan off ar night as well
As stated above auto flowering plants would still flower under 24 hr lighting
But photo period plants will not flower at all
Also 24 hour light isn’t recommended by most of us
All plants need a rest period


Hey, its all good, you are in flower so cold nights are ok, as long as you able to get the temps above 45 F they be fine, it will be some potent stuff and maybe purple :wink:
You need to stay on light schedule as the guys here says…
But the cold is not that major issue especially in flower…


You got about as good advice as u can get. I turn my exhaust off when my HID lighting goes off and my intake automatically dropps to 50% when the lights go out. This helps my temps stay more stable. Also like @Ragnar mentioned during flower they can handle a bit if cold nights. Ive gone out and covered my outdoor plants before frost with a piece of plastic (like big white trash bags) and removed when sun came up and harvested great buds, and if color runs in the genes the cold will bring it out. Its one of the tricks people use to make bud that really purple color for bag appeal.
If they are flowering i wouldnt go back to veg hours then bk to flower that stress may make plants herm. on u. Good luck hope this helps


I’m not in flowering yet. Here is something I thought might work. Right now the plants are small enough to use the same light source. When we have marigold still out and the killing frost is planned we put sheets or trash bags over to protect them. At times we have placed a light bulb inside to keep them warm. The plants will begin flowering stage in the 2nd or 3rd week of January. This is the coldest point with outside temp dropping below 10f. During lights being on, the lights and heater keeps the area around plants 80-85f. For lights off I thought of building a wire frame and use black plastic to keeps plants in dark but still benefit from lights producing heat. I would place small heater in the plastic. This should keep temp above 60f until morning. This would give me enough time to decide if it will work for the 12/12 schedule. I know this probably has issues, so please let me hear your thoughts. Thanks