Not bad for my first grow


Well Done. Looks like they’re Flourishing!

Looking good , and welcome to the community!

Hi @ericl1982 welcome to the neighborhood. You have some pretty plants keep doing what you are and you will really be happy in about another month or so

Looks good keep up the good work , are u growing in a tent

Welcome to the community. Looks like your ladies are very happy, nice job.

@MeEasy Not a grow tent but a grow room in the basement

I could tell it wasn’t a tent because I used those folded space blankets in my closet for two years and I recognized them :laughing: :sweat_smile: and knew it wasn’t a tent


Polling is Open for the Bud of the Year 2021 contest. Happy New Years

Not a Tent a room in the basement I know this winter is killing my humidity levels

Yah it would be see over here we dont get really cold weather and we don’t have basements either well i should say where i am we dont get really cold weather down the south end of Australia they get really cold winters

Yeah Lucky You I am In NY US and it’s 12 degrees out

Stuff that its summer here and we have had temps of 40-45 degrees Celsius