Not bad for first grow

So I chopped my first plant I have ever attempted to grow, sour diesel, photo, from ILGM, 4 weeks ago. Hung to dry at 30% humidity for 10 days, moved to mason jars for +~ 22 days, burping twice a day.
I just put it all on the scales and I am at 10.9 ounces. I may lose a little more weight in the next few weeks, but for a first timer I am pleasantly pleased. I just moved everything to UV resistant 1/2 gallon jars with 62% boveda packs.
Thanks to everyone who answered all my questions over the past few months. I just cut my second plant and it is hanging to dry as I type. The second plant had much heavier buds and more of them, so I am hoping for a bit more finished product.


My favorite strain. Well done!

Nice haul! Stoked

Great job @Rocketman! I’m in the final stretch for my first grow as well. If I come out with 8+ oz I’ll be ecstatic!


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Congrats on your first harvest. Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor! :sunglasses::v:

Sour diesel is the best strain I ever had the pleasure to purchase. I’m growing it now and hope if “fills the shoes”.

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Awesome result for your first go into am I long time smoker first time grower and I have just chopped my two I’m not shore what the wait is yet so I’m going to leave them hanging for a two week then jar them