Not autos. Need more room help

Ok family. I am currently on day 83. I guess on first week of flower. Is the growing going to slow down soon. I don’t want to have to top these girls. My best guess is that I have 7 to 8 weeks left. I am doing dwc. So I need to be able to access buckets. Any advice is welcome.

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You are more like week 3 of flower.

By now they will have stopped stretching. You might get a minor upward growth (an inch) but that’s all.

About time to remove fan leaves and open up the plant.


Ok I was not sure when to start time on flower. And yes I have to trim every week. So am I good to strip them good now. They are both over 5 feet tall. Its alot I am quickly running out of room. I put my inline fan and carbon filter on the outside. If they slow down that will be great. I ordered autos and as you see they are not. Thk for the response @Myfriendis410


I’d strip the lower third bare and remove any old fans that are obscuring lower branches/bud sites.


You can really clean up the lower part like @Myfriendis410 said. Once you do that, then work on removing leaves that are covering good colas sites. Here’s a pic of my last grow, looking from underneath to the top of the canopy, you ca see there is plenty of space for air movement. Just do’t do it all at once, take your time ad do a little every couple of days.

But this is what it looks like from the top dow


She looks like a marionette with all of the tie downs. I just put a dowel in one of my plants to tie to.
Ya do what ya gotta do.

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.I know right? I felt like cat woman trying to avoid the laser beams lol! The yo Yao’s are easy for me

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