Not all seeds are created equal

These are White Widow autoflowers. All under the same conditions. All about 18 days old.
Notice the little one. It took over a day longer to pop out of the soil than the other ones and was smaller from the start.
Quite the difference eh?

Lol this is what I was saying to several people yesterday genetics play huge part anytime starting from seeds. Get so many people that don’t take into account that some factors are not in their control mother nature still gets to put in her 2 cents all the time.

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Genetics. This seed was way slow. It’s strange but it’s like a shrunken old plant already budding fast.
I’m gonna get it out of the tent today. I don’t need the container taking up space and adding humidity to the tent.

This is the main reason I use fem seeds not auto I plant 10 at once watch for which one is doing best has good node spacing healthy speedy growth surpassing all others than I clone her and her closest competitor. Will get same genetics off the clones and if plant doesn’t give right yields or is prone to issues I go to my number 2. Genetics may make for a plant that vegs very well and looks like it is best choice but may not flower as well so always good to have a back up. Genes also play a role in virus/infection resistance and ease of growth so always looking for that perfect strain and plant :slight_smile:

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Hi Donaldj,

I am starting to shop for next years garden. Merry Christmas to myself, lol. I am going to purchase from ILGM with some amnesia haze and a few gold leaf but also will go else where for some exotics. I am in the Seattle area and prefer to stay local for purchases. I do something along the lines of your cloning selection system. Order fems and clone.
The last two years I did TGA Genetics with good success but only a modest yield. Maybe it was me not using enough nutrients for maximum production or my growing methods.

I grow outside in 5 gallon buckets and then move inside for a few weeks of fruiting because of my area and rain coming in during the fall. I usually bring in about 16 plants, 5 ft tall that have been topped numerous times into two 7 x 5 rooms. Then I use a single 1000 watt hps on a light mover in each room and A CO-2 burner ramped up to about 1500 ppm.
Very good air circulation and climate control. I usually grow in straight coco coir and have been using Canna for my nuits but my supplier just went out of business. So I have to switch to another high quality brand. I have about 8 years of successfully growing for myself and a couple of friends. If I upgrade it would probably be to two 600 watt hps per room… I don’t want to go LED because of the light movers. I think the motion would severely diminish the life span.
If anyone has some growing tips or suggestions. I would welcome the advice. There is a lot of room for improvement. I get 3-4 lbs of top shelf. My friends and I spend the holiday season manicuring, sharing gifts, burning a yule log or two and getting roasted. Its huge fun.

I grow mainly as a hobby and enjoy trying new products and theories I utilize a light mover as well but grow indoors and only use mover for veg since the intense exposure of light from direct rather than multi angle (moving) light tends to have better results though I suspect 2 movers running opposite would work well. I am currently doing some comparisons between AN’s Ph perfect 3 part and general hydros in sunshine mix. many members here swear by advanced nutrients products and they do have a coco line which may interest you, their products are less pricey than canna and GH but their feeding schedules seem to require lots of nutrients to balance out. A simple suggestion would be to try 7gal pot as I suspect by end of your grow you are pretty much root bound?

I live in Canada B.C to be more specific so seeds and nutes are easy as a trip to the store for many people it’s not that simple

I am just finishing up my 5th generation White Widow.
It ends here. Moving on to clone other strains. We be starting my own marvelling next wks.
Day Jeff to…you know where Federalway is?
I lived there for 32 yr’s

B Safe

Have 2 strains going rightnow purple kush and Jack herer will be picking my Jack to clone in another couple of weeks but so far the 3 I have growing are quite even and consistant growing fast. My purple kush all plants were fairly different have 2 excellent mothers though don’t like the veg time on the pk the Jack is almost twice as fast liking the progress so far